Awesome Lego Chess Set!





Introduction: Awesome Lego Chess Set!

what you need :
Lego's.....a lot

THE BASE : (this step works best on a flat surface) for this you will need a lot of flat pieces (like in second pic)
lay them out to form a square, mine was 10x10 inches (the squares were as big as four square pieces)
the result should look something like this (see 3rd pic)
then just connect the flat pieces together using normally shaped random Lego pieces (you can do a border if you want, mine was green) the last pic shows the completed base with a border.

Step 1: The Checkered Squares

(I recommend doing this step on a flat surface)
Take a bunch of normally shaped black and white(or blue and red :) legos,and form them into squares.  (they should be as big as four square pieces) there should be 64 squares.
then just connect them to the base like so. ( alternating colors)

Step 2: The Pawn

the pics explain it better than i do :)

Step 3: The Rook

follow the pics

Step 4: The Knight

do what the pics tell you to do.

Step 5: The Bishop

you can probably guess what you're supposed to do...........follow the pics!!

Step 6: The Queen

you know what to do.

Step 7: The King


Step 8: Setting Up the Board

you probably know how to do this, but just in case.



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    chessman the board is not set up properly. but I'm sure u knew that already;)

    It is a little big

    Looks amazing gonna try to do it.

    if the white king is in a red square then the black king should be in a red square

    COOL! Maybe you could do one on chinese chess? Its quite fun!

    Good idea! maybe i will try that sometime. :)