Introduction: Awsome Knex Sniper Rifle

Picture of Awsome Knex Sniper Rifle

an awsome gun i made out of a pistol i made

Step 1: Make the Handle

Picture of Make the Handle

requires 6 white connectors 3 green pegs 5 white rods and 3 green connectors look at the picture

Step 2: Make the Ram

Picture of Make the Ram

pretty simple trquires one purple connector 1 tan clip 1 rubber band one white peg and 1 red rod

Step 3: Make the Barrel

Picture of Make the Barrel

requires 2 grey rods 3 white connectors 3 blue connectors 2 yellow connectors and 2 green pegs and 17 red pieces

Step 4: There You Go!! Pistol Form Go to Enxt Step for Sniper Mods

Picture of There You Go!! Pistol Form Go to Enxt Step for Sniper Mods


Step 5: Make the Stock

Picture of Make the Stock

make the stock 6 red rods 4 green connectors 4 white rods 4 yellow connectorand 1 blue rod

Step 6: Make the Barrel Extension

Picture of Make the Barrel Extension

requires 2 yellow connectors blue rods 2 tan clips and 2 orange connectors

Step 7: Make the Scope

Picture of Make the Scope

2 green pegs 1 yellow rods and 2 white connectors

Step 8: Make the Tripod

Picture of Make the Tripod

sorry i forgot to take a pic of the tripod its 1 red rod then add and orange connector then on the open sideput a green peg the attach a purple connector to the green peg


Dog_Dinner (author)2008-02-23

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AJBrawlLvr (author)Dog_Dinner2009-03-19

it does

matthewb6 (author)AJBrawlLvr2010-06-13

When I see this gun, it makes me want to puke. I do not underestimate the shooting capabilitie although i have never made/shot it, if it fires.........

gunmanx (author)2007-09-28

this is pure crapsause

Pbyrd (author)gunmanx2007-10-01

I am with you Ouch. This is a crap steak with crapsauce and a big fat glass of crapjuice

Bright Shadow (author)Pbyrd2007-10-02

Don't forget the crapcakes!

Pbyrd (author)Bright Shadow2007-10-03

Yeah we have to have those too!

Merugop (author)Pbyrd2010-05-19


joemonkey (author)Pbyrd2007-11-07

sassycat crudcakes till ya puke

uhhh... grim adventures of billy and mandy?!?!?

but still have the dont forget your crapeggies!

gotta love ratchet and clank

xerxes7295 (author)2009-02-17

the guns cool but make the instructable clearer (the ram block wasn't introduced until the this step)

Raiden97 (author)2009-01-07

this is awesome?

xerxes7295 (author)2008-11-28

yeah it does kinda suck get a trigger or somethin that will improve it

Stavroz (author)2008-08-16

umm.. í???? i quess

Stavroz (author)2008-06-19

what is this?

sampson643 (author)2008-05-04

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olibogger12 (author)2008-03-02

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii really lame

buterSBob29 (author)2007-09-27

i think its cool

ashchetm (author)buterSBob292008-02-20


buterSBob29 (author)ashchetm2008-02-20

yup "i"

zap89 (author)2008-02-17

i think its quite cool, and its not "lame" dumbass

PineapplebobTheGreat (author)2008-02-01

oh, and you spelled awesome wrong.

Ratchet and Clank (author)2008-01-29

Hey. Come look at me and my 2 freinds site:
still working on it.

Darth Trainman (author)2007-09-28

Feh. Pretty crappy. Nothing new.

thebboy (author)2007-09-28

it looks just like this other gun

oodalumps (author)2007-09-27

Seriously, what the hell is with these people posting guns like these...

flames10391 (author)2007-09-27

i know youve only been a member a short while but seriously, if you already know about the knex guns on here, you would be able to see that there are plenty of guns exactly like this. The only difference in yours is the little changes that are just for show. sorry to burst your balloon but if youre gonna make a knex gun instructable, atleast make it cool and original you could -make a better handle -make a better barrel -make a new firing method i see you cant figure out how to make true triggers, but allyou have to do is look at other peoples (DONT COPY) and get ideas

mikeydwg (author)2007-09-27

i would hapily change it if i could figure out how to mke a tru trigger

killerk2 (author)2007-09-27

knex guy is right, total garbage

knexguy (author)2007-09-27

awesome this isnt. =lame!=

block trigger rubbish we have all seen hundreds of times before.
nice pictures though.

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