Awsome Knex Sniper Rifle





Introduction: Awsome Knex Sniper Rifle

an awsome gun i made out of a pistol i made

Step 1: Make the Handle

requires 6 white connectors 3 green pegs 5 white rods and 3 green connectors look at the picture

Step 2: Make the Ram

pretty simple trquires one purple connector 1 tan clip 1 rubber band one white peg and 1 red rod

Step 3: Make the Barrel

requires 2 grey rods 3 white connectors 3 blue connectors 2 yellow connectors and 2 green pegs and 17 red pieces

Step 4: There You Go!! Pistol Form Go to Enxt Step for Sniper Mods


Step 5: Make the Stock

make the stock 6 red rods 4 green connectors 4 white rods 4 yellow connectorand 1 blue rod

Step 6: Make the Barrel Extension

requires 2 yellow connectors blue rods 2 tan clips and 2 orange connectors

Step 7: Make the Scope

2 green pegs 1 yellow rods and 2 white connectors

Step 8: Make the Tripod

sorry i forgot to take a pic of the tripod its 1 red rod then add and orange connector then on the open sideput a green peg the attach a purple connector to the green peg



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    When I see this gun, it makes me want to puke. I do not underestimate the shooting capabilitie although i have never made/shot it, if it fires.........

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    the guns cool but make the instructable clearer (the ram block wasn't introduced until the this step)

    this is awesome?

    yeah it does kinda suck get a trigger or somethin that will improve it

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