It's so frustrating not being able to enjoy my adult beverage in public. Sporting events, movies, church, all frown on bringing in your own booze. Instead of brown-bagging your beverage at the next bash, why not hide it in plain sight, inside a baby flask!

This doll holds a refillable drink bladder that lets you sip from a straw hidden in the top of the head. Everyone loves babies, and you can dismiss any inquisitive investigators by simply saying "Shhh. she's sleeping". This should deter all but the most persistent people.

This project is based off the Cool Baby by Simon Philion, when it failed to get funding I knew I still had to have one. I made a DIY Cool Baby that I named Brandi. Though not insulated it like the genuine article it works well enough for most applications.

Here's a short video showing the baby flask in action:

Ready to bust open a baby for delicious science? Let's make!

Step 1: Supplies

To make this baby flask I used:

You'll also need a drill with a large diameter bit, and a sharp knife.

<p>This happened, for my birthday! I keep trying to add images, get the 'ready to upload' prompt, then an error message. :-(</p>
<p>I want to see!</p><p>Try clearing your browser cache and refresh this page, then try again. More baby flasks!!</p>
No such luck.<br>But you can steal &amp; post my Facehole profile pic;<br>Tina Louise Sidorski
<p>what a way to promote public intoxication and teach people to be more efficient at being deceitful in something that's flat illegal in most states! your mam must be very proud. i'd love to see someone try and explain this away in front of the judge when they get caught with it and arrested for violating the local open container law. really, anyone who thinks they need this needs to get professional help for alcoholism.</p>
I don't think it's illegal if you have all labels covered up. that's why hobos drink out of paper bags. Also, you may require a sense of humor to find this funny.(which it is, it's a baby flask)
open container is open container. if it's identifiable as a booze bottle, label missing or no, they'll bust you for it! even if you're a hobo. btw? my sense of humour is functioning very well thank you. you'll just have to forgive me for not finding amusement in being an underhanded, arrogant sneak who has to break the law for the purpose of satiating one's own selfish desires. because that's exactly what this amounts to. then again, i don't follow the same thoughts and feelings of this degenerated modern age either.<br><br>now, the subject is closed and i will not discuss it further. there's no need and nothing to debate.
<p>lol This came thru my newsfeed on facebook today from the i'm not right in the head website. </p><p>https://www.facebook.com/imnotrightinthehead/photos/a.10150185892820377.416493.212641675376/10156794305780377/?type=3</p>
<p><a href="https://www.facebook.com/imnotrightinthehead/photos/a.10150185892820377.416493.212641675376/10156794305780377/?type=3">https://www.facebook.com/imnotrightinthehead/photos/a.10150185892820377.416493.212641675376/10156794305780377/?type=3</a></p>
<p>I made one :) That was fun. I used slightly different parts: <br>- Lots of Cuddles 20&quot; Baby from Amazon (they also sell them in Walmart, and cheaper!)<br>- Generic 2L bladder from eBay<br>- Baby Bjorn carrier, which I got really cheap on craigslist.<br>Here are few observations from my &quot;build&quot;.<br>I had to drill very large hole, with 3/4&quot; drill bit to fit mouse piece. <br>After all stuffing is removed baby's head is very wobbly as it's only held by the shirt and zip tie. Bladder won't fit much more than 1 Liter of alcohol (I used wine).<br>Oh yeah I actually took to the camping and dance club, that's a picture of me with DJ :)</p><p>I plan to add microcontroler, audio processor, accelerometer and some red LEDs for eyes and make into a wining baby from hell. Maybe I'll post instructables about it when I'm done :)</p>
<p>What a responsible father.</p><p>These pictures are great, thanks so much for sharing. I'm glad you were able to take your baby out clubbing. Looking forward to what your upgrades are going to be, and how they work out. Enjoy the Pro Membership!</p>
<p>Look....over in the next aisle. Yeah, it's the dad with the new baby. Awwwww, isn't it sweet how he's gently kissing the sleeping babie's brow! Oh, I love seeing things like that! </p><p>Wait........he's a bit wobbly when he stands! Is he gonna make it down those stairs without falling and possibly rolling with the tyke!?</p><p>You are very creative, inventive, no doubt handy to have around, and a bit of a sick wit! I learn a great deal from your 'ibles and admire the broad range of interests you cover and your sense of humor. Bravo! Can't wait to see what's next!</p>
<p>oh god</p>
<p>I love that gif</p>
<p>Great Idea and instructions..but</p><p>I don't understand WHY ....<em>*do not put baby in microwave....at the end...</em></p><p><em>Thanks...</em></p>
<p>Whats pink and bubbly and taps on glass?!?!?! </p>
<p>Warning: cause of all the substance abusers that have killed their babies in the microwave</p>
<p>NOT TRUE I SAY, they were dead when the person drills a hole in their skull!!</p>
<p>probably even before that when they were gutted</p>
<p>Gaaaa!!!! You are a genius. I've gotta make this for some friends. </p>
<p>LOL LOL LOL! Freakin' hilarious!</p>
Meet Jameson Philip
<p>I am sure he is filled with joy. Please be a responsible parent :)</p><p>Thanks for sharing a picture, enjoy the Pro Membership!</p>
<p>You sir are a genius</p>
<p>I think my favorite part of this awesome instructable is reading the comments from people who don't get the joke. Well done, sir!</p>
<p>Mine, too! Thanks!</p>
<p>I take it back, my favorite part is that I found it in the wild, linked on my friend's facebook page from an entirely different source. I wonder if there's a way to track views when your content is &quot;borrowed&quot; and reposted with minimal attribution . . .</p>
<p>I love seeing things I know pop up in the wild. However, it's really disheartening to have stuff ripped without linking it to the source. Those views are lost to the site that hosts the project :/</p>
<p>I made one years ago but not for alcohol, it was so I could trick or treat as a 30 yo man and get away with it, it was set up like a puppet where my hand is in its head for motion. Worked great, I ate candy for weeks!</p>
<p>Is it just me or is seeing him drill into that baby's head silghtly disturbing?</p>
<p>it's not just you. I will heave a sigh of relief when this current trend of &quot;edgy&quot; humor dwindles away.</p>
<p>this one is sick</p>
<p>Are you peeps serious? this is hilariously AWESOME. This is almost as good as the &quot;Cabbage Patch Bong&quot;.</p>
<p>Whaaat? We need more info! What is it? Pics? Links?</p>
<p>Lol! This is both disturbing and hilarious...! </p>
<p>must agree with mactothefuture, <strong>tin heart</strong>, p.raven, &amp; the other moms .... wish this had been around when i was a young mom with toddlers!!</p>
<p>LOL!!! What's the baby's name -- Jackie Daniels?</p>
<p>Her name is Brandi, but if she ever has a sibling I'll know what to name them!</p>
<p>You should make twins!</p>
<p>It's a shame that you used your brain do this. You must have never been around children. Junk like this comes back on a person. </p>
<p>really? can't think of anything other than a cookie-cut response?</p>
<p>Honestly its rather sad. You seriously can't keep yourself from drinking at something like the science museum? Use that creativity on something useful other than getting drunk and ruining other peoples days. </p>
<p>he's right! are you REALLY that much of an alcoholic that you need to make a fake baby to hide your booze in to publicly drink out of?</p>

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