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Introduction: Baby Flask

It's so frustrating not being able to enjoy my adult beverage in public. Sporting events, movies, church, all frown on bringing in your own booze. Instead of brown-bagging your beverage at the next bash, why not hide it in plain sight, inside a baby flask!

This doll holds a refillable drink bladder that lets you sip from a straw hidden in the top of the head. Everyone loves babies, and you can dismiss any inquisitive investigators by simply saying "Shhh. she's sleeping". This should deter all but the most persistent people.

This project is based off the Cool Baby by Simon Philion, when it failed to get funding I knew I still had to have one. I made a DIY Cool Baby that I named Brandi. Though not insulated it like the genuine article it works well enough for most applications.

Here's a short video showing the baby flask in action:

Ready to bust open a baby for delicious science? Let's make!

Step 1: Supplies

To make this baby flask I used:

You'll also need a drill with a large diameter bit, and a sharp knife.

Step 2: Gut Baby

Open back of doll and make a small incision in the back, then remove all the batting inside.

Step 3: Measure + Cut Bladder Hose

My bladder was 2 litres and would take up all the room inside the baby carcass. The hose was much too long, so needed to be cut down to more manageable size.

I measured how long the hose needed to be, then cut off the excess. The mouth bite was cut from the remaining hose and attached to the new shortened length by pressing it into the barbs, holding it securely in place.

Step 4: Drill Baby

To make an opening for the mouth bite we'll need to drill a hole in the doll head. The head is soft and hollow, so this is fairly easy. Drill into the soft baby head meat with a large diameter drill bit.

Step 5: Insert Bladder

Insert the empty bladder into the baby cavity and feed the drinking hose up through the neck and into the hollow head. The mouth bite can be pulled through the opening in the head.

Step 6: Fill Baby Flask

With the bladder installed you can fill your baby flask with your favourite beverage.

Step 7: Seal Baby

Seal up the velcro backing of the baby clothes and you're all set to bring your baby to the next sporting event.

Step 8: Put in Carrier

To really make this believable you'll need a way to carry your baby flask inconspicuously.

Place your baby in a baby carrier so you can take small sips under the guise of giving your baby kisses or cooing words.

Step 9: Baby Beverage

Remember to carry a baby bag full of refills for when you finish your baby flask.

Drink your baby responsibly.

*do not put baby in microwave

Have you made your own baby flask? I want to see it!

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omg! how you came to it?

ArizonaM...I'll bet your are an absolute riot at parties!

This happened, for my birthday! I keep trying to add images, get the 'ready to upload' prompt, then an error message. :-(

I want to see!

Try clearing your browser cache and refresh this page, then try again. More baby flasks!!

No such luck.
But you can steal & post my Facehole profile pic;
Tina Louise Sidorski

I don't think it's illegal if you have all labels covered up. that's why hobos drink out of paper bags. Also, you may require a sense of humor to find this funny.(which it is, it's a baby flask)

lol This came thru my newsfeed on facebook today from the i'm not right in the head website.


Look....over in the next aisle. Yeah, it's the dad with the new baby. Awwwww, isn't it sweet how he's gently kissing the sleeping babie's brow! Oh, I love seeing things like that!

Wait........he's a bit wobbly when he stands! Is he gonna make it down those stairs without falling and possibly rolling with the tyke!?

You are very creative, inventive, no doubt handy to have around, and a bit of a sick wit! I learn a great deal from your 'ibles and admire the broad range of interests you cover and your sense of humor. Bravo! Can't wait to see what's next!