Baby Shower Gift


Introduction: Baby Shower Gift

This is a graph ghan I made for our niece, who was expecting a much-wanted baby boy. I adapted the Greek Key border from a cross stitich pattern I purchased. The baby will have to grow into the blanket!



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    This is beautiful. I am a knitter, but am learning to crochet. One day I hope to be able to do something like your bear. It is absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing it, and inspiring me.

    I love the crocheted Greek Key! I don't think I would have thought of that without seeing this, but now I'm going to use it to make something for my husband (he likes the pattern, I think since he does have some Greek in his family history)! And it's such an unexpected design to see with a teddy bear - nicely done!

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    Thanks! The bear chart was a free pattern, but I had the Greek key chart I used graphed for me by a designer (a nominal fee).

    Thanks for the info, I'll go check it out! There's something else I was wondering. It looks kinda like the bear and the blue background are the same stitch - is the blanket reversible? Or is the bear embroidered on the top and my eyes are just tricking me? I've done one blanket with embroidery on top of crochet, and the random looking yarn bits it left on the back drove me nuts (I ended up lining it with flannet). Now I'm always curious to find out how other people work designs like this :)

    The blanket is made entirely in SC, with colors picked up/dropped from the back side as needed. It's not too messy from the back because I tried not too carry long pieces of yarn across to another section, but not really reversible. I basically cut the yarn where I had to and started with a fresh end of yarn. If I had done true tapestry crochet (see Carol Ventura's site) it would have been. The big thing with ends of yarn on the back is to weave them in carefully, trying to hide them in the same color if possible. And I ALMOST lined it, but decided not to. Good luck with whatever you try - and ask away if you you want to run anything else by me. I'm always trying to convert crocheters to making graph ghans!

    I contacted the owner/designer of (a cross stitch site in the UK) and she emailed me with a few choices for the pattern. I've graphed other ghans, but couldn't do this design myself - kept getting confused! It was a nominal fee, and I downloaded the pattern. Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

    How wonderful! I always make my "baby" blankets oversized and non baby colors. The children can use them much longer especially if it becomes their favorite blankie. Great job.

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    With all the work I put into them, I like making them bigger for that reason: the children use them so much longer. Thanks for your comment!

    Thanks so much! :>)