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A local store had these cool ceramic pots on sale, so Ii decided to make a fountain. finished fountain. If I were to redo this project, I would have picked a slightly larger pot to prevent splashout. my solution for this one was to place ferns in pots around the fountain - they love the constant tiny splashes.

Step 1: Sealing the Bottom Pot

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I used two saucers to seal the bottom pot so water would not escape from the drain holes. I used this saucer for the bottom.

Step 2: Sealing (cont.)

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add a good amount of silicone I sealant

Step 3: Sealing (cont.)

Picture of Sealing (cont.)

place the bottom pot in the saucer and fill the drain holes of the pot with sealant

Step 4: Sealing (cont.)

Picture of Sealing (cont.)

put the smaller saucer on the inside of the bottom pot to make a good seal. this keeps the water from draining out of the bottom pot through the drain holes

Step 5: Drilling the Holes for Water Flow

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these carbide hole saws that are made for cutting glass do a great job of cutting holes in ceramic pots.

Step 6: Drilling (cont.)

Picture of Drilling (cont.)

cut water movement holes in the support pot so the water can circulate back to the pump in the middle of the fountain

Step 7: Drilling (cont.)

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cut the holes in all of the top pieces for the plumbing using the same size hole saw for all of them

Step 8: Assembly

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secure the support pot into the base pot using short pieces of pvc pipe.

Step 9: Assembly (cont.)

Picture of Assembly (cont.)

fit the plumbing to the pump

Step 10: Assembly (cont.)

Picture of Assembly (cont.)

start assembling from the bottom up. run the plug for the pump through one of the circulation holes cut into the support pot.

Step 11: Assembly (cont.)

Picture of Assembly (cont.)

add a little bit of petroleum jelly to the pipe so the silicone sealant doesn't stick to the pipe, but makes a decent seal

Step 12: Assembly (cont.)

Picture of Assembly (cont.)

add the first pot

Step 13: Assembly (cont.)

Picture of Assembly (cont.)

apply sealant to the top so the next saucer will stay attached and the water will not flow back down the center beside the pipe

Step 14: Assembly (cont.)

Picture of Assembly (cont.)

put the saucer in place. when you need to disassemble the fountain for cleaning, the pot and saucer will come off as one piece

Step 15: Assembly (cont.)

Picture of Assembly (cont.)

add the control valve so you can regulate the amount of water that bubbles up at the top

Step 16: Assembly (cont.)

Picture of Assembly (cont.)

next pot just sits in the previous saucer - do not apply any sealant bc you want to be able to take them apart for maintenance.

apply petroleum jelly to pipe and sealant to pot just like the last time

once the sealant cures, this saucer and pot can be removed as one piece when needed for maintenance.

Step 17: Assembly (cont.)

Picture of Assembly (cont.)

add decorative cover for plumbing and fill 'er up.

Step 18: Running


MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-08-23

It turned out so lovely. I love how you took some plant pots and made it into a very chic fountain. Thanks for sharing!


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