Backyard Roller Coster 2!





Introduction: Backyard Roller Coster 2!

READ THIS FIRST! since YouTube has been stuffing up lately i have uploaded a file that you can play on pc or mac, please use that or else it wont have sound! click here for it ---> HERE <---

 i am a 13 year old in New Zealand and i came across a video of someone who made there own roller coaster so i decided to make my own.
the track is 30 cm and 45 cm wide with 2 or 3 15 cm planks side by side 
its 65 cm tall at the start and has already been extended to 23 meters and still has about 5 meters to go but might stop here. 
it goes over 15 kph at some points and will end up going up to twice this speed when complete.
 it is still a work in progress and has had about 3-4 weeks of work on it
hope you like it
total cost FREE all wood and side rails came from under our house
and its better than some people who make these like a skateboard on a drive way 

ive had from 6 to 18 year olds try this out and almost all were suscesful (two people around 10-13 fell of the track but none hurt)

for those of you who want to make one here are some tips hings i didif you have something like a BIG HEAVY and fairly tall tree stump for the start is fine but make shure its stablewide or youl make it tip.
when your nailing the fence palings i use eather a pice of scrap wood for conections or a pice of fence cut smaller and put across the join (like tape!) and then nailed it.
for a small bump or hill make small lengths of track, join it and prop it up with bricks or logs.
so basicly if you can cut and nail wood and have lots of it its pritty easy.
try to make a light curve by making pices like this /| as spacers in between the joints but if its too tight eather lean hard or fall of the track.

or it will hurt... real bad.
hope all gose well and please send me pictures or a video when your done.    
thank you for waching and reading.



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    This is awesome.. keep adding on to it!!

    How do the turns work? do you lean or does it do it for you?

    now do it standing jk

    Hi again! Sorry for my delayed response! Thank you I was finally able to play the video and it rocks, I absolutely love it and I'm trying to talk my little brother into making one with me this summer! Thanks so much for the idea, I'm sure it won't be as great as yours but hopefuly it will be close!

    NOOOOOOO stupid mouse i lost my BIG comment!!! stupid stupid stupid!

    oh well have to start again! :( wow i never thought of mine being that good! i hope to see whatever you make and you might want to set a good goal for my first part of the coaster made in 2 or more weeks was quicker because we have LOTS of wood i could use! any tips just ask. rails can be hose or wood (looks and works better) nails to the sides the higher the safer. have had many sucsesfull pasengers aged from 18 year olds to my 3 year old nephew (used a smaller safer plastic cart) main test to ride it is can you fit on the cart (skateboard home made / shop bought cart) and stay balanced? track doubles as a nice path. IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY NOT TOO LONG AGO SO I HAVE A NEW CAMERA!!! just need some spare time as im 14 and need to be more careful as i have a puppy who "wants to help"! any tips diagrams or pictures of the coaster just ask! bye

    I love this. You are one smart little person! I'm stoked for you and look forward to seeing more updates/instructables from ya!
    I have a question/comment if anyone can help, that'd be really appreciated! Thanks for your time: ) Oh, and I just recently- like within the last week- came across this site and I'm addicted, I don't know how I managed to get on with life before this! jk, but really like I am addicted, and each time I come across another instructable like this one here, especially when they are done by kids, it's really inspiring. *just a little side-note.
    Anyways..... the video won't play and it says it has something to do with that I am in a different country- I live in the states. Anyone know how to fix this so I can watch the video? I mean I can see some pics. but thats it.....

     wow this is an awesome comment congrats on finding instructables and i might try posting this directly to download so it will work BTW the audio has been muted by YouTube and is the main part of the effects so this will bring it back ill post another comment soon when its up brb! :D

     here is the file download sorry the sharing site has many ads but its worth it!  sorry but there might not be any updates as... my camera is dead (gonna get one soon) at high school now (more homework) get side tracked with other protects! (made 3d laser scanner now!)  when i can i might make it better! i have some stands set up for more track! ok see you later then :) 

    You know what?Heck with the people complaining!!You are getting out and doing something.They are just jealous or lazy or both.Take all the math,science,physics you can,because later you may want to be a coaster designer,and they make a good living,and have FUN doing it.Play often and "somewhat" safe.Little accidents are one of the places where great ideas come from.Excellent Job!!!