Picture of backyard terrace
last year we moved into a new apartment. one of the interesting things in this apartment was that -beside that it was really a lot of work to make it usable- it had an exit onto a roof (though you have to go through the toilet room...). this summer i decided to build a terrace on it. it's not really legal to do this without asking, but i didn't touch any walls so if someone wants me to remove it i can do that without having done any damage.

Step 1: The space

Picture of the space
in the middle of the space where the terrace was planned there is a rooflight dome of the shop below. thus the floor had to be built around it. parts of the construction for the terrace floor can already be seen on the pic.
I love it! very well done.
carkat (author)  blueangelcat2 years ago
thanks a lot!
Wonderful Work! Congratulations!
falt0077 years ago
Good Job! I like that the roof is clear so you can see the stars.
nice project, carkat. i've done something similar in my backyard and i had two problems: 1: as many others said, wind: we always design constructions without considering a possible force that is opposite to gravity (in this case wind), but in this case, as you said, the place is protected.
the otther thing is hail. a hailstorm can ruin your pvc or ppc roof (that's what happened to my project, hehe) i solve that placing a net over my roof and it looks like sh*** ha ah.
greetings from argentina.
carkat (author)  michel moltrum7 years ago
hm, yes. i didn't think of that because this is quite rare here... but it happens from time to time... mmm... have to think over a solution.. thanks!
Wow, that's absolutely brilliant! Awesome job!
carkat (author)  DEFDOM DELTA7 years ago
thanks a lot!
dpj7 years ago
I can't see that this is anchored anywhere - it will just take-off with the slightest breeze.
carkat (author)  dpj7 years ago
theoretically yes, but as i wrote in step 4 the place is not exposed to heavy winds. we already had a few quite windy days but the construction didn't make the slightest move.
Great way to add better appearance and usage from the entrance/front. Nice job
carkat (author)  illdoyourdrugs7 years ago
canida7 years ago
That looks great! It's certainly well-built for a removable structure.
carkat (author)  canida7 years ago
cheers :-)
LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
Very nice! I made a huge aluminum terrace (actually its more of a 3 season porch) and I'm going to be making another one so this is helpful.
carkat (author)  LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
thanks! hope there is some usable idea in it :-)
mikeasaurus7 years ago
looks good, too bad the 'bend' is in the photo only, as I think it looks kinda cool.
carkat (author)  mikeasaurus7 years ago
hehe, yeah... actually i'm thinking of "bending" the roof slightly with steel cables to improve stability (in case there is some snow in the winter).