Bacon and frenchfry salad for BBQ sidedish

Picture of bacon and frenchfry salad for BBQ sidedish
My grandmother made a spectacularly tasty but oh so bad for you potato salad, my mom made it for many years with a couple of healthier changes along the way and now I'm changing it ALL UP, back to grams dressing but using baked "french fries". Sorry for the lack of final pics, the salad was being picked up by my son in law as I finished it so he could store it in his extra fridge

Step 1: What we're going to need

Picture of What we're going to need
I get the steak fries from the Dollar Tree but the generic brand at the super market should work as well, just be sure to break or cut any larger "fries" into a bite size.
 approximately 2 lbs of steak fries
 about 2 cups of mayonnaise
 1lb of bacon, browned and crumbled
 1 cup of bacon ambrosia
 half a large onion, chopped
 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
  tablespoon sugar
  1/2 cup milk