Bake a whole chicken in a slow cooker


Step 5: Final thoughts

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The chicken tasted great! The rub really made up for the lack of skin. For the amount of effort I put in I was very happy with the results.

The chicken was nice and moist and fell apart easily, but I think next time I'll cook it for a little less time. This time I did the full four hours which might have been a little long for the size of the bird.

While it cooks the chicken releases a ton of liquid and fat that would probably really help to keep the breasts moist, so I'm going to try it breast side down.

I'm definitely going to do this again soon! It was so easy to do and we got some really great sandwiches and salads out of the chicken I cooked.
HagridsMom1 year ago

I've also seen where they suggest balls of tinfoil under the chicken to keep it out of the grease. I wonder if you could use a cat food can - the little ones..? I think this is called faux rotisserie chicken. It's definitely cheaper than the $7.99 and up at the grocery store. It looks so odd without skin but if it wouldn't crisp up it I agree it would be nasty,

I use potatoes and carrots to elevate the chicken.

kevswick.2 months ago

Love that slow cooker! The best!


paqrat1 year ago

I must admit to be pretty much clueless when it comes to cooking but this looks like something I could possibly manage. I'm just wondering if and how one might combine something like potatos with this, cooking the entire meal at the same time?

jessyratfink (author)  paqrat1 year ago

If you wanted to add some veggies, I would suggest adding maybe 1/8 cup of liquid at the very beginning, popping them in and then putting the chicken on top. That way they won't scorch or dry out before the chicken starts to cook and release some liquid. :)

ferjanyen1 year ago

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, nice instructable!!! I could all most taste it!! But sorry, I like the crispy skin, how about taking the skin very gently with the hand working between the flesh and skin and undresing the chicken so as to say, then putting all the herbs and butter or what ever you fancy and then dresing the bird again with yet a bit more butter on the outside!! yum yum, let me know what you think!! I am off to the kitchen, starving!!

bloveds1 year ago

The reason a chicken or turkey is cooked with breast side down, as because the juices will stay in the meaty breast area keeping it moist. I use a big electric roaster for my Turkey and cook it this way. In the hot seasons it can be done out on the porch which keeps from heating up the house.

I like the dry spices as a rub. Never thought of doing that. I am definitely going to use the recipe.

I have to admit - it looks a little freaky without the skin.. but I bet the broth that comes out could be used in a sauce or strained and saved for later.

It looks wonderful. I've done pulled pork in my crockpot a few times, and it comes out wonderful