Bakenbitz's Ak-47 Mag Mod




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Introduction: Bakenbitz's Ak-47 Mag Mod

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I made a new mag system. When you press both sides, the mag falls out. Its pretty cool and reload time is quick if you have more than 1 mag. The pictures are a little blury and bright so don't get mad at me. flexi- rod powered mag.



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    im gonna put tht system on all of my guns


     i think the clips are awesome! this would decrease the reload time of all guns. instead of wasting 10 seconds wrestling with the ball joints you could just let them fall out while your picking up another mag. awesumz

    I tried to make the mag mod and it failed, REALLY bad

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    Look at the pictures harder then. I can see why your user name is lazy...

    that silencer looks creat

    It's on KI somewhere....

    I don't know. You can make it by these pictures. I'm too lazy to post the whole modding instructions.

    nice i really like it i would do that to mine when i build it