Picture of baking soda and vinegar rocket
it's very easy to make and with luck you can launch it about 200 feet.
all you need is a plastic 16 oz. bottle with a cheap lid. (crystal geyser works great)
and baking soda and vinegar.

this is my first instructable so don't judge it too hard

Step 1: Mix!!

put in baking soda and vinegar, about 2 tablespoons of each, and shake until the bottle is good and hard.

you can experiment and put different amounts of the stuff but make sure it doesn't blow up!

i'm not liable for anything bad that happens during your experimenting, broken windows, broken bones, loss of limbs, ect.
hey jack9 months ago
This is cool but if u could get ur hands on a bottle rocket you could take the stick of a tape it to the side and bend the fuse where it isn't near the bottle and light it it would puncture the bottle and explode. It's pretty cool I have to say so myself
grimfig7 years ago
I did this with a really tiny pepsi max bottle and it shot like 30ft.
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gunpro3 years ago
all u have to do is put in the viniger and baking soda put on the lid and shake, when it is insanely hard point it strait up and spin the cap off
ghicken8 years ago
I did an instructable like this, it might help.HereHere
and this is the video of me doing it.
ToddisI ghicken5 years ago
Yes but you made a quote, "bomb".
ghicken ToddisI5 years ago
Really it depends on how you throw it, what surface it hits, vinegar/baking soda ratio, and the type of bottle that decides whether or not it rockets off or just explodes. I just chose to use "bomb".
ToddisI ghicken5 years ago
true, sorry if i offended u or something... :D
miniclipper5 years ago
what if you just throw strait down.
frikkie6 years ago
I was thinking if you take the bottle and make a hole near the top of the bottle.Then insert a little pipe connection.You can then make a dripstand with vinegar,this you'l use to drip vinegar into the bottle.But first make a small hole in bottom of bottle and cover the hole with tape.Then connect the pipe of the drip to the bottle. One will have to connect the pipe in such a way that the bottle dont stick to it,but release.The tape should be a strong adhesive tape like ducktape. As pressure builds the reaction should blast through the bottom hole and send the bottle up. Let me know what you think. :)
...And I just made the instructable for it.
Do you mean the instructable itself or me making the instructable.
That you made the instructable dude.
Cool!I am designing a rocket with a release mechanism exactly like that.
I usually chuck it as far as possible down the street.
I tried this and I threw the rocket like 20 feet infront of me, and next thing i know it flies about a foot away from my face, and kept going for another 20 feet.
456acdc54436 years ago
this looks cool i will try it
Noodle god7 years ago
I use gatorade bottle and they work fine for me
u have to throw the bottle so that the lid hits the hard ground
Question: If you substituted the lid for something that would come off easier under pressure, but still maintaining a high-pressure release threshold, would that still work? I just thought it up in my head, and it would eliminate the chance of you chucking it at the ground and it either a)landing on it's side or bottom b)launching, and hitting someone because of a dangerous launch. Cheers, Tyler (Fires and bangs)
grimfig7 years ago
Yeah but Crystal Geyser is kinda thin. So something a little probably not gatorade unless you screw it on really tight.
you should put picture they are more helpful!!!!
scorp8 years ago
:) i turner my rockets into grenades... thanks for the idea tho...also somthing you could do that is more reliable...:if you pound a nail into the cap after tying a string to it then after doing all that, you can just pull a string to pull the nail out to launch it..the best way would be to drill a hole in a board to fit it.
could you fill it with vinegar and baking soda, stick it with two sticks in the ground,with the lid about 5 cm above the ground and melt the cap with a long end lighter
kallno36 scorp7 years ago
Nice idea I am about to try it.
James M7 years ago
I was gonna do an Instructable on this, but alas, you beat me to it. I get even better results with the little 8 or 12 ounce pepsi bottles. You can reuse the bottles since the plastic is pretty thick, and you can grab extra caps off of any other soda bottle, since its a pretty generic size.
ryan2898 years ago
i tried this n it wouldnt work for me