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My balisong knife

I'm thiking about making a Instructable some time


nova612321 (author)2013-08-09


wolf996 (author)2011-11-24

Can You Explain How You Made It???

Baddi (author)wolf9962012-01-12

Sorry for replying so late i havent gone on the site for all most a year...

I just took a peace of plywood and the i used an table saw to make i the correct sice then i cut the line in the midle (not sure what it's called) with a hand saw (It could be made beater with an table saw but it is much harder to get it the correct depth) after that i just driled two holes (one for each) in the middle/top of the two ply woods (I recomend using a table drill) then i just Googled: "butterfly knife sketch" and used the blade from one of the pictures. Then i cut out the blade thingy (with sicors...) then i drew the out lines of it on an aluminum plate and just cut it out with some garden sicors (to trim bushes or something (not sure what they are caled)) it will come out a wierd shape so i just hammered it down.
Then i drilled two holes in to the aluminum plate so it would fit in the plywood.
then i just screw it on with some bolts (remember not to tighten it to much or the ply wood could brake) then i just taped the safe side of the blade with clear tape and that should be it...


Brian Wall (author)2011-12-15

hey just a tip instead of using bolts use rivets

cjohnson50 (author)2011-07-30

please dont tell me that the blade is made of aluminum foil?

5FDP (author)2011-01-28

I think im going to attempt to make one of these! :) I love your design

lemminggenocide (author)2010-06-13

correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like you've cut across the grain of the wood on the bite handle. Other than that nice job :D

if you look at the last pic where its disassembled, you can see its made out of plywood, so cutting across the grain doesnt really matter except for looks

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