what you need you need a balloon and a smartphone

Step 1: Blow Small

1. blow your balloon as big as your smartphone

Step 2: Center

put your phone on the center of the balloon.

Step 3: Let It Go

let the balloon go

Step 4: Enjoy!

have fun

Step 5:

<p>They actually have a website called <a href="http://www.ballooncase.com/" rel="nofollow">balloon case</a> now. I love the cool balloon case trick. Check them out now. I think they do smartphone cases for iphones and Samsung's </p>
<p>Cool idea !!! </p><p>Here is an example of how to make a Phone Case </p><p>https://youtu.be/C7XFD391ZJE</p>
<p>what about camera</p>
<p>what about a phone with a camera?? <br>what to do then</p>
<p>looks cool. Thanks for making this</p>
<p>looks cool. Thanks for making this</p>
How do you make the balloon the size of your Phone? I'm confused
How does this work? I didn't understand. :(
...ㅠㅠ sorry
Tried it didn't work any other suggestions?
think the balloon is just wrapped. not inside.
is this like pressure? I do this as a magic effect but complete the phone into the balloon with the same effect. any ideas on the water in the balloon?
The only reservation I have about this method is the water drops left from respiration. As we all know water and unprotected electronics are not the best of friends.
i didn't understood your 3rd step let it go. can you show us vedio
<p>So, you press your phone into the balloon as it goes down?</p>

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