Picture of bamboo skewer bow
I wanted to make a bow that was more powerful than the bic pen one and was made for bamboo skewers. after looking around on this site, I couldn't find a bow that fit my criteria, so i made a new design.

Step 1: Get the stuff

Picture of get the stuff
sorry for picture quality , my camera sucks at focusing
the pictures show the finished product, because i made the bow before taking pictures

anyways, get this stuff:
office size rubber bands
bamboo skewers
kite string
small piece of wood 1" x 1/2" (dimensions don't have to be the same)

second picture is of the wood i used( it won't let me add notes)
bwells24 years ago
You should try giant version with dozens rubberbands and shoot 3/8" dowels like a full size bow.
octo1375 years ago
i made something like this and they can be real strong
dnewby6 years ago
.......im speach less dude thats just awsome
Kewl this will beat my stepbros pen skewer gun
Why not a person??? XD
vivekumar6 years ago
where do you get the wood. i have a crossbow which is made out of and shoots bamboo skewers. :http://www.instructables.com/id/bamboo_skewer_bow_1/
gbosbiker7 years ago
dang thats got some power. im gunna make one. but i gotta buy the skewrs though. i might fo some lamo bird hunting with it (im making it about 2-3 times bigger. its gunna rock. (your design is cool too, almost fits in a pocket)
oh and im gunna make a small slit on the end of the skewer that touches the string so i know it wont slip off and miss fire. and i apologise for any miss spellings.
hi, remember me, my huge crappy crossboy, has a little brother now, which is much more powerful, say a cocktauil stick firing 50 meters in the air, cna stick into wood, just once, and can definetely pierce skin
okay, wrong 50 feet, about he same height as a house
sploge8 years ago
this is a pretty cool design but skewers are still pretty sharp the other day i fell on one and it went into my finger and out the other side and then into my middle finger the only reason i say/post this comment here rather than on any other instructable is because this is one of the few skewer weapons that looks as if it could hurt someone so in a way me saying this is dangerous is me really saying that this is cool
Tvman8 years ago
cool man im gonna have to try this it looks wicked powerful (the deck :P) and ive been looking for a more powerful one :) because its so damn hard with the one i made called a handheld bamboo skewer pistol crossbow and enyway the thing shoots it had awsome power but its hard to get accurate shots with it like i cant shoot it into my wall all that often i took like 60 skewers shot um at my wall and only 6 went into the wall..the rest turned on there side and bounced off in mid air.. so enyway sweet i'll have to try this :) awsome instructable BY THE WAY YOUR PICTURES ARE FREAKIN PERFECT!!!!!!! sweet man
PizzaPlanet8 years ago
i learned that puting wight on the tip dramticaly increses flight time, speed, and power, and acuracy. i suggest modeling clay, 3/4 of an inch of prezlte rod(PREZLE ROD YES!!), the top of a pen(not the cap), or funtack (the sticky blue or yellow stuff). of a thumb tack(ow!!!) oh and you can shoot messages back and forth to your friends, or enimies bwahahahah great instructible.
taka218 years ago
nice skewer shooter in the philippines we call it a barbecue stick cause we put parts of barbecue in it but still awesome instructable good job!best skewer shooter ive seen in the site reall good job im new
This is great idea and i made one to scale and everything just when i hold it my thumb wraps around and the string keeps hitting it, i dont know how...but u should find a kinda hand or sumthin.still i tried on a box from 10 meters away and it went straight through
that looks nice!
acaz938 years ago
simply awesome, i did one of this but with a broken wood ruler it was cheaper and well ... weaker but it is lighter and i also added a grip , congratulations
meddler8 years ago
I like this! looks clean and neat will have to try it.
Run N Gun8 years ago
WOAH, Nice Instructable. Looks dangerous (which I like), and looks very cool. I think I'll make this!
PetervG8 years ago
This is a very clean idea. Looks very sturdy, I'll have to try this.