hi welcome to my free basic airsoft rifleman school where you learn how to gaurd, strike, escort and more. if your new to airsoft click here well to start read on...

Step 1: So You Think You Can Gaurd? & Requirments

so you think you can gaurd? well this is what a rifle man is all about. most soilders chose this possision. to start my school you must have the requiered items:
1)any airsoft rifle EXCEPT snipers
2)a airsoft pistle
3)trip mines(3)
5)good shooting skilled(recemended but optional)
6)food coloring(red,blue,yellow and green)
7)smoke grenades(5)
8)medic bag
9)dust grenades
and here are the usage of these items
1)for a quick multi shoot and protection
2)incase relly clos combat
3)to gaurd the flag in the wcs quiz(worst case senarios quiz)
4)so you dont get hurt
5)better for gaurding
6)read emergancys2
7)use for help
8)to keep medic supplies
9)read emergancy2
if you have all this...
<p>Good tips. You should also remember about appropriate equipment.</p>
Your all noobs
Bro your tips are good but you Really need to improve your spelling
My answers to the WCS quiz are <br /> <br />1:B <br />2:C <br />3:A <br /> <br />How many did I get right?
C C and B
b c a 2
What you actually NEED:<br>Water<br>Primary Weapon<br>Secondary Weapon<br>Multi-Tool<br>Eye Protection<br><br>When you get hit, call yourself out and go to your base. The end.
thats how i play
Thats how it should be played. if you want to play some dump complex way thats fine. I play milsims and its one hit you are dead. unless its medic which we always do, and then its you shut up and sit down with a red rag on your head till a medic comes. and smoke is only for consealment.
A word of advice, If you frequently find your self in any of the situations mentioned, Its because you are not aggressive enough.<br><br>Also, around here &quot;guard&quot; is synonymous with &quot;useless player&quot;...
Kid, for the love of all things airsoft, don't write another, and not to be a total arse, but please pay more attention in spelling class. Want to be a good airsofter? Grab your gun, take cover, and know how to aim. that's all you need to know. The gun doesn't matter, the gear doesn't matter. YOU matter. If you have the skills, rock on! Don;t have the skills? Keep working! We all started as noobs, and we all get better.<br>
well in some cases gear and the guns matter. I mean if you have a 50 fps pistol and thats it prob not a good idea and gear... if you running around stark naked yeah gear matters.
Whatever, I know the answers. On to the next page
B, B, A, an3(?)
b, c and a
smoke grenades dont work for crap and if youre in a medical emergency you call a gamemaster and get off the field or if youre playing in your backyard take out your mag and raise your gun and mag in the air then go either call 911, treat it, or go to the hospital depending on how serious it is
when would you even use all that stuff
I would say well done, but the spelling and grammar are terrible.
same here
How do you put red food coloring in a smoke grenade? And why would you want to anyway?
Hold gun to the hip. Pull trigger. Hold trigger. Aim around. Wait.
Becoming a sniper takes more than reading an instructable or article online. It's more than just pointing and shooting.
Real soldiers only go in with 2 or 3 smoke grenades let alone 5. You don't need most of the crap on this list.
&nbsp;you do know u have spelling errors in the degree i would recommend you revise it and post a new one.
This post isn't much better in spelling.
&nbsp;&nbsp;SNIPER????? &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;I thought this was rifleman.
&nbsp;Please work on your spelling... your writing a guide... put some time into proof reading for proper english
&nbsp;no offense but you don't need all that stuff just some experience a primary weapon a secondary and some goggles
bca1<br />
b c a 3
1:b 2:c 3:A
B,C,That's ridiculous you would call cease fire/just leave because it's a medical emergency so C, and what the hell A. Lol. This is lame. Smoke grenades everywhere?
is this a joke? I couldn't even read the first page...
Mr. Airsoftmaster191: "you fighting in a junk yard. you get chaght on a piece of metal. your out of ammo and your bleeding. what do you do?" *timmy raises his hand* Mr. Airsoftmaster191: "yes timmy?" Timmy: "why are you talking like that?" Mr. Airsoftmaster191: "shut up and answer the question Timmy!" Timmy: "you free yourself, find cover, and then treat your wound?" Mr. Airsoftmaster191: "not one of the choices Timmy!" Timmy: "but... but that's the logical thing to do isn't it?" Mr. Airsoftmaster191: "No! You either surrender or get shot!" Timmy: "which is the answer?" Mr. Airsoftmaster191: "Oh! So now I'm a teacher?! Figure it out yourself Timmy! Have a good day class"
I think you should revise this instructable with better spelling (but nevertheless a good instructable)
You should make a basic airsoft tank school that would be awesome.
Honestly, this has been a rather inspirational idea. You guys need to lay off with the "blah blah blah this is gayzorz" criticism crap. He is trying, and he really has a great idea here. I may use variations of it on my own, as my airsoft team has recently been restructured as a US Army Rangers team. We've been trying to figure out a way that we can do a "Ranger School" in order to have people qualify for a ranger tab on their uniforms, and I think this is a really good way to go about accomplishing that. Kudos to some of your ideas, mang. This really is a good concept. That said, I do have some constructive criticism: The spelling is TERRIBLE. If you want to seem competent, PLEASE go over it again and make appropriate changes, otherwise it really gives the feeling that you are pulling it all out of your ***. Be consistent. One minute you are a rifleman, the next a sniper? Um....no. Also, have more than 3 or 4 questions for different qualifiers. Or better yet, ask the questions for medical stuff in the middle of the "emergancy" games. Being quizzed on technical things while doing physically and mentally involved things is a very military-like way to keep people on their toes.
in the world of airsoft with sniper rifles with 50 shot clips and im always out of ammo? and also why cant i break the nearest enemies neck and steal his gun for an option on the questions
on step like 6 with the badge, it says you onnounce me as a sniper. i thought this was rifleman school???
class 9: build a secret squirrel team out of knex with zero death crystals. destroy the enemy and join the marines
How are you supposed to get the crystals out of the tires? (Oh wait, they don't have any.) Here is a better question. Where can I get Death Crystals? (You know, so I know what they look like.)
you hate me because I like pirates.... right
No...I have never actually encountered a pirate during my travels.
because pirates would win. you know vs. a ninja
On land, ninjas win. On the ocean or any body of water, pirates win. In the air, neither win, because they both go splat.
so if it rains or there is a swamp pirates win you loose. and further to this day pirates are still a problem and a widely practice profession on and off the ocean or any body of water. thus furthermore the world is covered in 75% water so "ninjas" "habitat" is getting a lill small. just like Latin is a dead language so are ninjas.
Well I guess modern pirates use CAWs...

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