First Arduino Led





Introduction: First Arduino Led

i show u how to program the arduino
simple and cool

Step 1: Parts Needed

arduino (duh)
240 ohm resistor

Step 2: The Led

place the led

Step 3: The Resistor

resistor placement

Step 4: The Wires to the Arduino

install the wires on the board and the arduino

Step 5: Installing the Program

now lets start with programing the arduino
start your arduino program on your computer

open the Files
go to the Sketch Book
go to examples
then to Digital
and open 'Blink'

when you done with this go to the upload button above the screen and select it
when its done you see the led starts to blink



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    you wrote wrong. on step 3 on the picture it says " 240 onm", and not " 240 ohm"

    LED on pin 13 not pin 8 but thx for this little Tutorial int ledPin = 13; // LED connected to digital pin 13

    omg too hard xD

     lol xD

    My list of grievances:

    1. You didn't show which direction to insert the LED.

    2. You didn't bother showing the program code and do something to it or at least explain what parts do what.

    3. You sound like a 10-year-old when you type because of
    - the obvious lack of punctuation
    - the lack of capitalization (until the last step)
    - a myriad of other grammatical errors

    These things make this Instructable seem rushed and show that there was no real effort put into it.

    Note: I criticize you only to help you and others to produce decent-quality Instructables.

    thanks! you didn't really say how to use breadboards, but from your pics I figured it out.

    Some good pictures!

    yeah and if you actually read the comments dinky you would know that pin 13 which is next to ground already has one built in for LEDs all you have to do is drop a LED into pin 13 and GND and hey presto it works no need for a seperate resistor or the breadboard

    Unless i'm mistaken, Thats an Arduino Diecimilia you have there, which has an LED already wired in to Pin 13. And, if i recall correctly, the "Blink" sketch uses pin 13, so theres no reason to use another LED, and even if you wanted to, you could just plug the LED directly into Pin 13 and ground(the pin right next to pin 13). Perhaps in your next Instructable you could show an original sketch or shield for Arduino.

    it's to get you used to the thing more of a chalange