Picture of basic batch files
hii tooday i am going to show you how to make a basic batch file

all you need is notepad
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Step 1: Ope start

Picture of ope start
the first thing youll need to do is open start

Step 2: Next click on run

Picture of next click on run
it will give you erch box in this box type notepad and click enter

Step 3: Basic batch p1

Picture of basic batch p1
pky now you shood have open noptepad well thas good you comannded the computer to do a task that wasent hard was it
a batch file is basicly a comand to your compter without it your pc wouldent work

oky now you are going to copy the code below to the notepad you just opend

@echo off
echo hii how are you tooday

Step 4: Saving it

Picture of saving it
okay well done for getting this far you are only a fuew secondas away from making your batch file

first click
1.file as
exp. my first batch file .bat
.bat terns it into a comand

make shure u save it somewere ule remember
Chad Baxter2 years ago
do u truly think people will read this!!!!???? check out my instructables for some inspiration!
sharlston5 years ago
why not type del C: eh?

i take no responsibilty for what happenes with this comment
will4216 years ago
And it CANNOT turn in to a virus. (Unless you programmed it to!)
will4216 years ago
Better yet...

@echo offecho Hi, how are you today?pause>nulexit