hii tooday i am going to show you how to make a basic batch file

all you need is notepad

Step 1: Ope Start

the first thing youll need to do is open start
why not type del C: eh?<br /><br />i take no responsibilty for what happenes with this comment<br />
<p>i think its del rem C:</p><p>(im probably wrong)</p>
do u truly think people will read this!!!!???? check out my instructables for some inspiration!
And it <em>CANNOT</em> turn in to a virus. (Unless you programmed it to!)<br/>
Better yet...<br/><br/><pre>@echo offecho Hi, how are you today?pause&gt;nulexit</pre>

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Bio: im klaus and i am a computer nutcase ohh and im single HINT HINT
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