Basic Loom Braclet





Introduction: Basic Loom Braclet

this is a basic tortorial on the easiest loom braclet I hope u enjoy (-:

Step 1: What U Will Need

first u need the loom some bands a hook and a S clip place the loom with the arrows facing towards u<3

Step 2: Placing the Bands

place one rubber band from the top middle peg to the top left peg the repeat until u get to the bottom of the loom

Step 3: Placing the Cap Band

turn ur rubber band into a figure 8 then double it over and put it on the peg with the last rubber band on it

Step 4: Hooking the Bands

hook under the cap band an fold it to the next peg repeat all the way to the top

Step 5: Taking the Braclet of the Loom

once u finished looming it should look like pic 1 now get ur S clip put it on the last loomed peg start pulling it of conect the clip to the other end and walla <3 finished



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Didn't work but it gave me an idea # ok might even give you an idea and if it is the same as mine it will probaly work

Did you know that the new editor can help you rotate the photos? There are some other neat tools in there as well.