Introduction: Basic One Handed Sword

Picture of Basic One Handed Sword

This is just a basic one handed sword I made myself.

Step 1: Pieces

you will need:
rods: blue-12 white-15 yellow-2 red-4 grey-1
connectors: 4 snowflakes 2 blue sliders 4 yellows 4 greens 1 red
others: 2 nine hole squares 4 three hole triangles

Step 2: Blade

Picture of Blade

I think this is the simplest part of the sword. Just follow picture.

Step 3: Handle

Picture of Handle

simple handle. grey piece will come into play later

Step 4: Support

Picture of Support

this supports the blade so it doesn't spin. this is just my bottom for it.

Step 5: Connect Handle and Support

Picture of Connect Handle and Support

this is where the grey piece comes into play

Step 6: Connect It All

Picture of Connect It All

add the blade


videogamemaster (author)2011-07-19

Nice. Now make a two handed version XD

shooby (author)2009-01-26

Looks more like a pooper-scooper than a sword...

jdwelsch (author)shooby2009-01-28

i dont see how it looks like a pooper scooper but that would be funny

I_am_Canadian (author)shooby2009-01-26


DJ Radio (author)2009-01-08

meh, it can be easily snapped, and it uses too many exotic parts. 3.5*

pls (author)DJ Radio2009-01-26

Exotic parts?

DJ Radio (author)pls2009-01-26

those things in the middle

pls (author)DJ Radio2009-01-26

The panels?

DJ Radio (author)pls2009-01-26


pls (author)DJ Radio2009-01-26

I have way to many of them O.o I don't remember that last time I used one either.

Vynash (author)2009-01-05

its ok........... but look around the site before you post things like this but for your first i give you 3 1/2*s!

jdwelsch (author)Vynash2009-01-05

I did but most were flat or complicated

Vynash (author)jdwelsch2009-01-05

Oh that's okay. We need more knexers and instructables that are good. Keep trying!

jdwelsch (author)Vynash2009-01-06

this was also my first knex weapon I ever made without instructions

Vynash (author)jdwelsch2009-01-06

Yeah, the sword is pretty good!

The Jamalam (author)2009-01-06

omg handle!

pls (author)2009-01-05

Its okay..

jdwelsch (author)2009-01-03

this is my first Instructable

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