Basic Pistol





Introduction: Basic Pistol

a easily ugradable pistol that is pretty accurate with killerks sniper rounds

Step 1: The Barrel and Trigger

now build the barrel and the trigger.

Step 2: Building the Handle

now build the handle

Step 3: Plunger and Sights

the sights are optional

Step 4: Assembly

put it together

Step 5: Extras and Rubberbands


Step 6: Congrats Your Done

enter longer description for this step



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    i only have one of the black rods and im using it for a gun that shoots 100 feet.I can not build this gun BECAUSE THE PICS ARE TO BLURY!

    This gun is awesome! I made it shoot through a FULL Coke can. It can shoot 105 feet.

    LOL that reminds me when me and knex builder freak where shooting a sniper rifle at a presurized can and it exploded every where it flew off the table because it jetted away.

    3 year olds pleaze dont clog this site with stupid knex guns it makes my blood boil when i type a a search question and it comes with stupid immature knex guns if you are gunna make a gun make something worthwhile like a baloon bb gun spring gun, air powered gun, pen cannon or rubber band guns (their is also too much of these 1s but they are better than knex) they are cheap,powerful guns and i like seeing these alot better

    Yup. Knex hater for sure. He hates knex for it is so popular, not for it is "immature" or not powerful.

    Shut up this is a cool gun, and he's probably just an amateur!