Bass Drum and Drum Stick Coffee Table





Introduction: Bass Drum and Drum Stick Coffee Table

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i first made this style table a few years ago (the tan one) and it's pic has been passed around the ol' interweb quite a bit. so when i got a request for another, i filmed the process. the drumstick table top is a lot of fun. the sticks spin like rollers in the slotted frame yet are level enough to hold a wine glass.

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    As a percussionist I love this and I'm horrified by this. But I mostly love it! As long as it's an old crappy set, I like it a lot! Great Build!

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    ha ha! exactly ;-)

    i give back, too. go to my page here and you'll find i've turned 2x4s and waterskis into bass guitars, among other things ;-)

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