hello guys today Im going to show you how to create a batch calculator

the code is as follows

@echo off



echo put equation sign

set /p sign


echo input number 1

set /p num1=

echo input number 2

set /p num2=

set /a num3=%num1%%sign%%num2%

echo answer: %num3%

echo -press any key to reset

timeout /t -1 >nul

goto :star

15 lines to a batch calculator :D

typing>>> * will do multiplication

typing>>> / will do division BUT if answer is not a whole number then it says 1

<p>even better / less lines / faster:</p><p>@echo off</p><p>title Calculator</p><p>echo Calculator</p><p>:start</p><p>set /p problem=</p><p>set /a answer=%problem%</p><p>echo %answer%</p><p>goto start</p>

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Bio: for questions email me at rwf4209@gmail.com i will be happy to help with any issues with batch programs you have
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