I have always thought that someone should make a product that will sound an alarm if your tub is in danger of overflowing..

So, I have pieced this one together out of two easily available items that can be found very inexpensively at the Dollar Tree or ebay

Step 1: Things to Get

touch activated light up flashing led toy. 

I found this little frog at Dollar Tree, but you can also find them on ebay,
for example: 
ebay: touch activated color changing led light up toy
ebay: water activated color changing toys

Magnet activated security alarm siren, from Dollar Tree

Suction cup to hold the frog to the side of the bathtub at the desired water level

Hot knife/soldering iron
some lengths of thin wire

sugru to reseal the frog after modifications are made

Interestingly, this guy published a similar idea the very next day, though his design is better for sure: http://kipkay.com/featured/liquid-alarm-gadget/
Very cute and practical. <br>In step 2 the capacitor is actually an inductor (fancy name for a coil).
Smart idea and I really like how you used a frog, that's cute.

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