have you ever put together a circuit and after finishing you find your LED doesn't work? well with this Instructable that will never happen again! I present to you the Battery clip LED tester.

Step 1: Components:

female header pins
1k resistor
9v battery clip

soldering iron

Step 2: Header Pins

solder your header pins onto a piece of perfboard, sorry about the lack of a good photo.

Step 3: Resistor

solder the 1k resistor to the header pins.

Step 4: More Soldering!

Solder the leads of the battery clip to the resistor and the other header pin.

Step 5: Your Done!

well done you now have a functioning LED tester!
You could even adjust the circuit and use it to test transistors.
I have another instructable covering this subject
<p>I was looking for your transistor tester and couldn't see it. could you reply with a link please?</p>
<p>Hi</p><p>Sorry, i took that down ages ago, i saw that make: had made a video on it and i didn't want people saying that i'd copied their idea.</p><p>Here's a link to their wepage on it, it's much better than mine was anyway. :)</p><p>http://makezine.com/projects/battery-clip-transistor-tester/</p>
What a neat little evening project. I've added a push button to the thing.<br> :)
thanks! I hope to be making more projects like this in the future! (simple but useful ones)
<p>the question remains... is it a led tester or a battery tester. now that is a Zen-moment</p>
both I guess
;) that's a cool idea I will add it in an update
thank you xD
its simple,nice work keep it up
thanks ;)
Cool!.,faster way to test LEDs !
Practical little device!
thank you! :)
cool and simple please continue this series. :)
I will continue it :)
Cool nice instructable

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Bio: i am an inventor/mad scientist who likes to mess about with electronics
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