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This is a pen that looks completly normal and it shoots airsoft bbs and other stuff.(not responsible for injurys).

Step 1: Tools

Picture of tools
1 needle nose pliers
2 sand paper
buzda21 year ago


Essential read on macro photography:

This would greatly improve the quality of all your future instructables!

Keep with the good work :-)

skaterboy113 years ago
theres no instructions
ajhoyng3 years ago
I don't get the sanding part
thetaco1014 years ago
your missing a lot of steps but other than that its pretty good
bwool14 years ago
Is that your foot in the background?
I think that is a foot but it could be a deformed animal of some sort.
tperrette4 years ago
Redo some of the pictures please, it's a bit blurry
your missing lots of steps
BTW Hand sanitizer gets that damn ink off your hands. That tip won tip of the month (September) in Everyday Cheapskate; yay me.
Hmm... looks fluffy.
BillyRay6 years ago
Sounds cools but the pics are really blurry. Could you take some better ones please?
Colonel886 years ago
Better pictures next time.
You copied this one:http://www.instructables.com/id/BIC-BB-Pen-Gun-Second-Edition/