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Introduction: Bb/ Pellet Gun Guide

About: Sorry about the oreo racecar joke/comment. It was uncalled for.

'no you'll shoot your eyes out'
- a Christmas story

ya we have all heard it but here I'm not trying to convince you I'm giving you ideas
i have a beloved crosman 66 powermaster (as seen in picture) that shoots pellets and bbs

i will cover.....

Step 1: Safety

safety rules
1.always act as if the gun is loaded
2.never store the gun loaded even if safety is on
3.always where glasses (i once was shooting at a pigeon gut missed and the bb hit a wall and ricocheted and hit me in the chest)
4.always now whats behind your target

as long as you follow these rules you will be able to shoot another day

Step 2: Maintenance

after you're done shooting always unload the gun and store where no child can reach. also never leave the gun cocked, pumped, or loaded. if you have a scope or a sight that has covers for it cover it.
                                                                        cleaning and oiling
you don't really need to clean anything except for an ocational wipe down. how ever you do need to oil it. if you have a pun you have to pump, oil it on the hinges put just one drop on each hinge but don't over oil it it is bad for the gun. heres the oil i use.

Step 3: Targets

okay enough of the boring stuff lets talk targets
heres a list of non reactive targets
pine cones
plastic bag
army men

now my favorite reactive targets are pigeons but there are tons of other better ones like lighters that have a source of fire behind them be careful with that one. lego people are fun cause the explode when you hit them. pray paint is also fun.

Step 4: The End or Is It........bum Bum Buum

so long for now i will do updates and answer any questions if you have any.

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    pls dont use bbs for hunting


    my slide isnt locking back on my pellet gun it is the same model as yours


    I know right

    I have a 760 Pumpmaster that shoots bb's and pellets.

    I buy all of my air guns from the following websites
    Also if you are using a co2 powerd gun, put a drop of pellet gun oil on the tip.
    I would never say to keep a "pumper" pumped i would always lube up all of the seals monthly
    If you want more infromation go to
    Best website form help with bb and pellet guns

    please make note that oil based lubricants can DESTROY all the seals in you gun very quickly. i use Fluid Film on my gun whenever it needs a lubing.

    i have a Benjamin 397PA .177 and i had to rebuild it because of dumb WD40 :P

    also, the gun in the pic is garbage. if you want a good gun get a Benjamin .22 Air Rifle.

    the $350 price is worth it! :D

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    I would shop around and look for another source other than Canadian Tire, they are highly over priced, even when on sale.

    Good point about type of oil used for air guns, 30wt Non-detergent oil is basically what is in the tubes of oil sold my manufacturers.

    Another point to clarify from the instructable, Pumpers should be stored with one or two pumps in it to keep the seals compressed. It helps them last longer. Obviously make sure it is unloaded, UN-cocked and I throw the safety on to remind me when I pick it up that it is pumped.

    A air rifle for $350? I just got a real .22 with a red dot scope for $130 used but still.......

    Try not to shoot bb's from any hybrid bb/pellet gun. The bb's are made of steel, and will ride on top of the rifling in the barrel, eroding it away until it's gone completely.

    Regular gun oil should NEVER be used in an air rifle. Use some silicone based lubricant. Gun oil will damage the synthetic seals.

    the gun in this picture is really shiddy, get a break barrel gun like the crosman quest (mine)

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    That's actually a good gun. I used to have one and it had a killcount of ~20 rabbits.

    omg is ur name true u really make bombs?

    No. When I first signed up for this site, I couldn't think of anything else.

    doesnt the targets get rid of the whole safety idea?

    yeah i have a crapy crossman 760 pump master and i just shoot targets thanks for the ideas i really need to get a better gun

    lolz pray paint

    It's "'ll shoot your EYE out", not eyes. Sorry. Stickler for those kind of things. Great movie, though.