Beach Shells Anyone?





Introduction: Beach Shells Anyone?

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Here is a mirror project I walked in on at my Mom's house.  Its an easy one so I thought I'd share it.

Step 1: Hot Glue

She used an old mirror from a thrift store and hot glued her shells to it.

Step 2: Vase of Shells

She added shells to an old vase and added decorative beach sand.



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    There are different types of hot glue. This is not her first project with shells

    ok, my dads hot glue gun can barely hold anything.......

    I love this onrust! I went to take a peek at your mom's wow she needs to join instructables. She would have a grand time here. Thanks for sharing!

    Thanks Steph. You made me Mums day. I try to get her to post but she is into different blogs.

    Well I hope you can get her more into this one cus I would love to see what else she puts together - it looks very professional!

    What are the other DIY sites she uses? & are her favorite two.