Introduction: Bead Clip Ring

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look this is my first intractable and it is not very good so don't expect perfection.

Step 1: Tools

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tools: one of the items below(pic.), scissors or other cutters(scissors work but wood cutters work quickly.),and a few minuts

Step 2: Size Your Ring

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wrap the potential ring to about the size of your finger

Step 3: Cut It Down

cut the ring down to size(note:cut the clips down 2 at a time checking every so often)

Step 4: Decoration

not every thing will work permanent markers are best(make sure to let them dry!!!)but every thing will wear off eventually, but re-decoration is half the fun!!!(DO NOT USE CRAYOLA MARKERS!!!!!!!)

Step 5: Wear and Enjoy!

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there you go all finished!

p.s. if you have got the ring from the bath tub plug good for you! if not make sure to watch for rust!!! :)


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