how to make a cuff bracelet with pony beads


-pony beads
-elastic beading cord

Step 1: starting

start with your first row of beads.
string the beading cord through them.
center the beads on the cord.
the left end will be end A, and the right will be end B.
nice and easy process, can you please give a process about <a href="http://www.shameonjane.com/" rel="nofollow">bead bracelet</a> ? my girlfriend really like that. please help me out :)
this was very easy to follow. and ur instructions work with how ever beads u want in each row(from 2,3,4,5....) good job. :)
but u should specify what kind of string to use.
This is normally called a &quot;ladder&quot; in the beading world, and I'm surprised that there aren't more beaded bracelet tut's on instructables.<br />
how much cord do you need?
yknow i'm not exactly sure i just guess-timated... i think that maybe 3 ft or a little more would be enough<br />

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