Introduction: Beaded Dangle Earbud Earrings

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If you love music as much as i do then you'll love these one of a kind earrings

Step 1: Find an Old Pair of Earbuds That Dont Work

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Step 2: Clean Them

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take a hobby knife and gently pop out the whole center of the earbud and using a cotton ball or some q-tips and some rubbing alcohol and clean out the earwax... ewww

Step 3: Disconnecting the Speaker

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after you clean it.. cut the wire close to the speaker and pull the wire out

Step 4: Picking and Placing the Beads

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pick some fun and colorful beads and then take the outer piece of earbud (the grill) and some fishing line or thread and make a pattern that you like in this case im gonna try and do a flower

Step 5: Making a Hole for the Earring

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take your hobby knife and carefully turn it from left to right to make the hole

Step 6: Adding the Loop

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using pliers open a loop and insert it in the hole you just made and add a small chain the length of your choice

Step 7: Inserting the Center

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pop the flower you made back in

Step 8: Add the Hook

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add the earring hook...and enjoy...

if you like these please vote for me in the jewelry contest, and all comments would be appreciated its my first instructable. :)


sweetpea17 (author)2014-05-02


Penolopy Bulnick (author)2014-05-02

That's a fun idea! Nice reuse too!

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