Step 3: What About the Beans!

you'll want to fill the beanbag at least 80% full of beans. a normal beanbag chair is not this full, but the sofa will not hold its shape unless it is nearly full. for the earthworm type used as a backrest, you may want to pack it 100%. calculate the volume of the sofa (a cylinder): pi * radius * radius * length. so the garden slug is 56 cubic feet (3.14 * 1.5 * 1.5 * 8). beanbag beans are sold by the cubic foot, so you'll need about 50 cubic feet of them.

where to get the beans! you will need a lot of beans, so the best thing is to find a local styrofoam (EPS) products manufacturer. try the website epsmolders.org to find a list of EPS manufacturers around the country. getting the beans will be a fun excursion unto itself, as you can see below. the technical term for what you want is "expanded polystyrene beads" or "EPS beads" for short. usually they will have both new beans ("virgin beads"), and used beans ("regrind"). virgin costs about 10x as much as regrind, usually more than you'll want to spend on some lunatic project you read about on Instructables. my local foam mfr (Bay Foam in Hayward CA) sells 35 cubic foot bags of regrind for $10 each. they had a huge mountain of them behind their factory! the fancy places online that sell beanbags will tell you that virgin beads have a better feel in the beanbag, but my sofa seems perfectly nice with the regrind. remember: regrind = recycling!

how to find a styrofoam products maker! they do not seem to like to list themselves under "foam" in the phone book, that seems to be reserved for the lowly urethane-foam folks only! instead you'll want to look under "packaging & shipping materials" or whatever else they might be making out of styrofoam, such as architectural trim.

no airbag needed! on your drive back from the foam factory you'll be about as safe as you've ever been in your motor vehicle. now is the time to enter a demolition derby! it took some effort, but i was able to wedge about 120 cubic feet of beans into my minivan after i took most of the seats out.
I I made one for $120, and have received soooo many compliments. It's filled with foam and can seat 6 adults without even touching. It feels just like a love sac but is WAY cheaper. I made the cover out of sale material - black denim and gray corduroy. I made a separate sac for the inside to hold the foam and the slip cover is "zippered" at one end to release it from the sac so it can be washed. I made the inside sac out of t-shirt material so it's stretchy should I need to shove it into the outer cover. I got some of the foam from upholstery people in the area for free and hand cut it. It was a pain, but the sac looks awesome. (In the picture I'm adding we had not added all the foam yet, it's in our game-room). We have since figured out that it is far more comfortable to put the sac in a corner and use it that way. I made tons of pillows and they only make it more comfy :) Thanks for the instructable. It was awesome!!!!
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<p>I seen few <a href="http://www.beanbagbedwithblanket.com/2017/01/giant-bean-bag-bed-amazon-review-online.html" rel="nofollow">giant bean bag bed</a> like the image attached on site http://www.beanbagbedwithblanket.com/ and I that a lot. It is very nice to chill with friends and family. These seems so cozy and perfect for holidays. But the price was very high. I think now I can have the great bean bag with these instructions.....thanks a lot :D</p>
<p>for anyone looking to buy beanbags for this, the website to find eps molders near you is no longer epsmolders.org, and is now epsindustry.org</p>
Mine is slightly modified. It's a 8'x3.5' cylinder and I used a zipper instead of Velcro.
<p>Was the radius of your cylinder 3.5' or was the diameter 3.5'?</p>
<p>this is best</p>
Lmao! This is the best post I've ever read. I've been thinking about making something similar to this for one of my kids to sleep on.
<p>That is so... AWESOME!</p>
<p>I am inspired. Been looking for couch with lot of wants and don't wants. Grew up with bean bags. I believe I can do this with fraction of the cost! I toss, turn, flip n roll over a lot on couches. The bean couch, I believe, will form to me lessening the tossing n turning. </p>
<p>Please I need some help if u can :D</p><p>I am trying to make a big chair comfortable for 1 person but easy to move around the house</p><p>I am trying to apply you pattern but i am new in sewing so please tell me if these measures are right</p><p>I think that the 2 circles would be 1 meter diameter each</p><p>the 3 rectangles width would be 1 meter and lenght 1 meter and a half</p><p>are these measures ok?</p><p>and if they are ok how much foam do i need </p><p>thank you a lot for your help :D</p>
<p>I made 2 regular chairs and 2 sofas (garden slug). For the sofa I made it 6 ft long instead of 8 ft, because none of my family is even close to 6 ft tall, so 8 ft was too big in my opinion. All of them have 2 layers (bag &amp; cover) since I wanted to be able to wash it. I used shredded foam that I bought online (since I really didn't know how else to get them in my area). The inside layer is made with muslin (cheap), which I sewed completely shut with all the shredded foam inside. I really did not want any shredded foam to come out ever. I used fleece fabric for the outer layer which is closed by an invisible zipper. I bought the make a zipper kit, which were the only ones that were long enough. If you do make a cover, I would recommend the zipper to go the whole length of sofa/chair to have in order to have enough space to stuff the bag in. Also I would recommend making the cover bigger than the bag. Making the chair and sofa was pretty simple it is just very time consuming. The hardest part for me was getting the shredded foam into the bag; I practically had my whole family help me with that part (and foam got everywhere!). I bought 16 yards of pattern fleece ($3.90/yard), 10 yards of solid fleece ($3/yard) and 26 yards of 36&quot; muslin ($1/yard) all on sale at Joann's. I bought the make a 2 zipper kit on Amazon for about $10, but you could use a coupon and buy it online at Joann's for cheaper. The most expensive part for me was buying all the shredded foam online and having them delivered. I bought 3 30lb bags (from http://www.foambymail.com/SHRED_S/shredded-conventional-foam.html) which was $35 each plus $15 each for shipping. For everything it costed me a little bit less than $300. I would say it is a really good price, especially if you can find fillers for cheaper in your area. I've been wanting to make these for a long time and the Instructable was really helpful, I couldn't have done without it. Thanks! :)</p>
<p>Hi :D</p><p>I am trying to make the standard chair but i donot know how did u do it </p><p>what are the pieces we need</p><p>is that a pattern to buy the pdf one cause i cannot find except the cylinder pattern </p><p>If you can help me please thank you :D</p>
<p>Also I forgot to mention that there was plenty of fabric left over to make some pillows, which I started (in the first pic) and will finish later. </p>
Here's mine!
<p>How many cubic feet of foam did you use for this? Do you think it would make a good bed or would you roll out of it?</p>
<p>This is great! </p><p>I'm going to make pea size ones for my kids, but rather than use velcro and fill them with beans, I'm going to add big zippers and fill them with all the stuffed animals they never play with. Functional seating, AND toy storage? Count me in!</p>
<p>wow, nice beanbag!! I'll have to try this!</p>
I'm near hayward, ca.. How much would you charge to make one??
This is nice
Can you make me one?
This is fantastic! I'm gonna make one (not quite as large) but fill it a bit more great for muli-use item in a one room place.
Where can I buy the beans and fabric?
do you have any drawings/plans for the pea size? is this a harder one to make? Thanks!
it is not harder. there's a couple patterns you can make it from, all simple. - if you want a perfect sphere, use the same pattern you see on either a beach-ball or a base-ball. - if you want a very short cylinder then you can use the same pattern as here but with shorter rectangular panels.
Check your recycling center. If you don't mind "used" peanuts, they might give them to you for free. It's worth a check if you're not picky. I made a biscuit shaped (short, fat cylinder) one for my daughter's 11th birthday. It's hard to see the structure but it's got a vaguely roundish shape which works well for several children to use at once. It is amazing. My local peanut supplier (regrind) wasn't as cheap as I'd like but it still was very cheap to do this project ($50 for a huge beanbag that I'm told rivals $200 beanbags at a local shop). I made this one 53" in diameter and 26" tall (basing the size on the width of the upholstery fabric I got and leaving 1/2" seams). For experienced sewers, DON'T slash the seam like you would with most round objects to make them appear perfectly round--it's too blobby for anyone to notice the rounded seams and you'll make it less sturdy if you slash. This was stuffed with 28cubic feet of foarm (the supplier sold it in bags of 14 cubic feet each). It is AMAZING. My kid and two friends can lay on it. Instead of lining it and using velcro (or zippers), I used sturdy upholstery fabric ($3 a yard!) and sewed the final seam shut. I sewed on the top and bottom circles to a long piece circumferenceX26" and leaving the final seam to be the one joining both sides of the circumference piece. This was left open to fill. Then, when filled, I simply folded both ends of the fabric onto themselves, pinched them together and sewed. When I want more filling (it's about ready as the peanuts are now thoroughly mushed) I'll just use my handy seam ripper to open this seam, fill, and restitch. Super sturdy with no velcro worries.
It's been six years since I posted the above comment. We still have the beanbag. I have added filling several times over the years by opening the seam, filling, and restitching. It works well and I have less worries about a rupture. We have added a dog to the family who seems to think this is her bed. It has had only one breech (from the dog) and it was on a seam so it was easy to fix. Friends have started giving me, not only their old packing peanuts but their hard formed foam pieces that are used to pack items, like large electronics. I break these apart and they go into the beanbag. It works great and breaks down just like peanuts do.
That kids playing pokemon
is there ANY possible substitute for packing peanuts??? I would really like to make this but they just don't have packing peanuts in Ecuador.
psssst i'll post the beanbag loft when i'm done but in ze meantime i be loadin up an instructable sssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo keep your eyez peeled
zomg i am so changing the dimensions and making a beanbag loft bed :)
this is awsm am gonna try it this month.........
This is fantastic! Thank you for sharing!
I'm going to make a smaller version for my daughter, she has a TON of stuffed animals, so I am going to use them as the stuffing and put &quot;windows&quot; in it so she can still see her stuffed animals. I saw one on a website, but didn't really want to pay $300 for it. :) I will post pictures when I get it made!
Most excellent idea!!! My son loves his stuffed animals but he doesn't think it's &quot;cool&quot; to have them. This solves the problem nicely, he can keep them and his friends will think he has cool gaming chairs in his room THANKS!!!
I'd really like to see this stuffed animal bean bag - did it work?? This might be a great way to transition our boxes and boxes of animals into a teen bedroom.
I have not tried it yet, I'm working out the details in my mind. I think I am going to try using fleece, but I think for a teen's room denim from out-grown jeans would be awesome! As soon as I get the material I need I will make it and post some pictures. Thank you for your interest in my idea!!!
I just noticed if you switch the diameter with the length you'd have something like a love sack! <br>Pretty neat instructable :3
i have a small suggestion, what if instead of beans, why not try using plastic store bags? im sure a lot of us out there have bags of them laying around for trash, other projects ect. but using them in these bags could eliminate a lot of waist.
that's actually pretty common- around here, a lot of people with pets and kids do it, so when the inevitable little hole in the bag occurs, the bags stay in, rather than them having to clean up a million tiny bits of foam.<br><br> they do make a bit more noise, and don't shift around quite as easily, though.
This is the best deal I have found so far, unfortunately. its no where near as good as the authors but the best as I have seen since im stuck in colorado.. http://www.unitedpillow.com/products/Shredded_Foam_in_20_lb_Bag_approicmately_14_cu_ft-1742-986.html
on <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.foambymail.com/Accessories.html#beanbagpellets">http://www.foambymail.com/Accessories.html#beanbagpellets</a>, they have 3 types of shredded foam, and also bean bag pellets. Which would you reccomend? And would memory foam be sweet, or just overrated...<br/>
the feel is different if you use polystyrene foam vs. urethane foam, but probably some people will prefer each type. polystyrene is used in most commercial beanbags. memory foam i think is probably pointless here, since it mostly provides conformal fitting *without* using beans.<br/>
Are you saying not to use memory foam? I don't have all of my filling yet, but I do have 2 large bags of scrap memory foam that I have been tearing into smaller pieces. What would you recommend mixing with it'?
Oh no! Why didn't I read this before wasting so much money on <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/EP9K54YF3SYTLP7/">my instructable</a>?!?!<br/><br/>(sorry, typo'd the first comment)<br/>
Hey guys,<br>My roommate and i are looking to build one or 2 of these (if we build 2 we would probably make 2 med sized ones) and were wondering what we are looking at as far as total cost. Also, if anybody knows where we could find the filling for this for cheap in Orlando we would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for all the help guys! Awesome instructable BTW
And if you happen to come into some money that you want to get rid of. A buckwheat hull bean bag would be the best. bean bag. ever!
I actually have a buckwheat hull bed that I put together myself. It's awesome, but buckwheat is pretty weighty.<br><br>I bought a queen-size futon cover with 3-sided zipper (organic, thick upholstery quality), and I think about 300lb. of buckwheat hull from a farm in Penn Yan, NY. It's about 10&quot; thick and I have it atop a custom heavy duty wooden frame. Best sleep I've ever had. But, as you can probably tell, it is EXTREMELY heavy. The two times I've moved it I had to empty most of the buckwheat into contractor trash bags and carry them separately.
This is a great idea, but it sounds a lot like the www.lovesac.com love sac that came out in the early 2000's and still seems to be doing well as a company. <br>
what is the centipede or milipede model?

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