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Introduction: Bear Trap From K'nex

hi everybody,
this is an instructable for: how to make a bear trap out of k'nex.
I hope You will like it...
it will not catch real bears, it just for fun!!!

Step 1: What You Will Need.

You will need these parts to make my bear trap.

Step 2: The Base-part

make what the picture says.

Step 3: The Claws.

make what the picture says.

Step 4: Attach.

get it together and grap the two Gray sticks.
and now follow the pictures.

Step 5: Allmost Done!!!

again follow the pictures!!

(picture 3: pull the 2 "claws" out of each other, and get the green rods just like the picture)

Step 6: A New Mousetrap???

if more then 6 people want me to post the new (mouse friendly) mousetrap.then I will post it!!!

(edit: I'm sorry but I wont post the new moustrap)



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    ISIS isn't a white one its a terrorist group and mostly brown oneso

    1 reply

    the picture says nothing

    I'd love to see how you did it! Can you send me a picture of the result?

    please post please post please post must post please post

    please post pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssseeeee ppppppoooooosssssssstttttttttt

    2 replies

    i'm sorry.
    but i posted this instructable over 2 years ago, at that moment I had the new mousetrap laying in my room. at the moment i guess it is in other projects. i'm sorry for this

    Nice one. I have always been fascinated by knex traps, they often have a very ingenious mechanism.

    Maybe you should use capitalisation (oftewel: "hoofdletters", meneer :-D), it makes things easier to read.

    8 replies

    Thanks TigetNot.
    I will watch over it next time

    (Are You From Holland???)

    Jazeker :-) Staat ook op mijn kanaal trouwens.

    chill, eindelijk een landgenoot op deze site gevonden!!! XD

    Eindelijk? Weet je hoeveel Nederlanders er hier op Instructables zijn? Zo ongeveer 6 op de 10 spreekt Nederlands!

    dat laten ze anders niet merken dan!!

    Kijk maar even rond op de site, je zult zien dat er veel meer zijn dan je zou denken...

    Waarom spreken wij aanwezig in het engels niet slechts?

    You use Google Translate, do you? What is it you are trying to say, in English?

    post mouse trap!!!!! post mouse trap!!!! POST MOUSE TRAP!!!!