Bearded Man Ash Tray

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Introduction: Bearded Man Ash Tray

1) find an image you like from the internet, using a computer a Techshop Detroit.

2) adjust the image to your fancy, using a  computer program on a Techshop Detroit computer.

3) make a test raster on scrap material you might find at Techshop Detroit.

4) choose the appropriate settings for glass found on a Techshop Detroit settings list attached to a Techshop Detroit laser.

5) place you favorite glass ash tray into the Techshop Detroit laser, I personally left the test in the laser and placed the ash tray on top of the test image using it as a guide.

6) push the green go button on the Techshop Detroit laser.

7) after running multiple passes on the Techshop Detroit laser remove the ash tray, apply your choice of paint or glass enamel, wipe away the excess paint or enamel. you should be left with a colored bearded man ash tray.



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I wish you'd chosen a less offensive illustration.

Techshop Detroit Techshop Detroit Techshop Detroit Techshop Detroit Techshop Detroit Techshop Detroit

That sounds great.

wow! A twofer! Both clever and offensive!

Sorry, I didn't get it...
Where did you say you did that ??