Picture of bedroom automation
In this Instructable I am going to show you how I constructed a system to let me run my bedroom using my computer.
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Step 1: Parts of the beast

Picture of parts of the beast
here are the parts I used to build the system:
USB interface board (I used a K8055 experiment interface board)
4 channel remote socket set
box to put it in
single core wire
USB cable

Step 2: I am now making my primary insision into the circuit cavity

Picture of I am now making my primary insision into the circuit cavity
the first thing to do is open up the remote control that came with the socket. to my surprise I found it contained 8 push switches, 2 for each button on the remote

Step 3: Soldering time

Picture of soldering time
you will want to check what configuration works with your remote and USB board, I soldered in the leads so that the output of the board and the ground for the board are either side of the switch (the grounds are linked together to neaten it all up).

Step 4: Computer meet sockets, sockets meet computer

Picture of computer meet sockets, sockets meet computer
you will now want to connect the wires from the remote to the USB board and then connect the USB board to the computer. my board came with some demo software that gives me tick boxes for the digital outputs.

Step 5: Testing, testing

Picture of testing, testing
I plugged the board into my computer and one of the sockets into a small lamp. when I sent a command from the computer, the lamp lit up. IT'S ALIVE.

Step 6: To be coninued....

for my first major project this was a good start. I am now going to look at automating my bedrooms lights, and that will be the topic of a future Instructable.
well let me know what you think, helpful suggestions welcome
I'm attempting something like this but instead of household automation, I'm attempting to build some kind of robot toy for my friend.

I've got the K8055 board hooked up to my computer and I've attempted to wire in the controller of a robotic arm that I have laying around.

I've got the GND wire hooked up to one end of the switch and the DI1 wire going to the other side of the switch. But when I run the demo program and turn DI1 on... nothing happens, how did you wire up the remote to your experiment board?
legless5 years ago
Why were you surprised that there were 8 switches? Weren't there 8 buttons on the font of the remote transmitter? 2 on and 2 off for each of the 4 channels.