Bedroom Fx Ep. 2 Safe Smokebomb





Introduction: Bedroom Fx Ep. 2 Safe Smokebomb

This very simple smoke bomb needs not even the slightest spark. It only needs to be flung at a high velocity at something solid (like a wall.) so make sure your actor has one behind him/her.

Step 1:

you will need: easter egg, flour, and a spoon, (optional and not shown) slingshot.

Step 2:

put a couple of spoonfulls into the egg.

Step 3:

close it up, and chuck it.

Step 4:

P.S. be sure to use an old easter egg as it may crack.



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    Thats no smoke bomb. Its a flour bomb.

    throw it into a fire then it will be a grenade! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    You want to die?

    no it is fun though!!!!!! PYROS FTW

    One thing to be cautious of, is that this is not done near a open flame or spark!

    Airasoled Flour is very flammable!

    I have absolutely no idea what your talking about. I just used the flour that was in the cabinet.

    Just making the caution to be careful around flour dust(AKA your "SMOKE") and any flame.

    Flour can burn, and when mixed in the air, it can explode! like gasoline!
    here is a link to a youtube video of someone tossing a small packet of loose flour into a bonfire.

    I read something about that in Popular Science or mabye it was Popular Mechanics... but anyway there wouldnt be a spark unless the egg was made of metal and so was the wall and you shot it out of a gun.(or the wall could be flint and the egg, steel.) :P

    Or threw it into a wall near a candle, or a pilot light.

    Grain silos explode with some regularity due to flower dust and static. just saying to be careful. and absolutely don't put a burning fuse or something liek that into the "safe smokebomb"

    One thing you could replace the white flour with spelt flour. It is much less flamable.