Introduction: Bedroom Fx Ep.1 Money Wad Prop

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I was crushed when indymogul stopped backyard FX. so in this instructables series i'm gonna show you how to build CHEAPER props.
This is a build ranging from $1-$100 depending on your cash.

Step 1:

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Supplies: loose leaf paper, dollar bill, scissors, and a pencil.

Step 2:

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trace your dollar on a sheet of the paper.

Step 3:

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cut it out. reapeat  steps as many times as necsasary. (1 sheet equals about 4 bills.)

Step 4:

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stack evenly. place bill on top.

Step 5:

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fold in half and use extra strip of paper as money wrap.

Step 6:

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(OPTIONAL) write how much ca$h you want it to be on the wrap.(I chose a million.)

Step 7:

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Done. one beautiful money wad.


kathleendoyle (author)2011-10-28

H i la r i o u s !!!!!


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