Picture of bedside notebook hub
An easy way to avoid uncomfortable heat coming from my laptop. And It didn't cost me anything!
dianaw4 years ago
this is fantastic, but I don't know what you used or how you put it together.
Anything to add?
modio9 years ago
um, wha?
kinetic_elite (author)  modio9 years ago
no rubberbands or cardboard needed! :o)
that does not help.
kinetic_elite (author)  EpicZombie5 years ago
> agree. what are you supposed to do?? PLEASE REPLY

Not overheat your laptop, by allowing adequate  ventilation.
i agree. what are you supposed to do?? PLEASE REPLY
BikerSco8 years ago
I like this, keep it simple. I could do with something like this, thats if I could make space for it. Really need somewhere to store all these old HD's and ancient computers ;)
ironsmiter9 years ago
suppose it'll work pretty nicely... but what kinda stuff you keeping in that rubermaid container that's heavy enough to keep the table from tipping?
kinetic_elite (author)  ironsmiter9 years ago
whydobirds9 years ago
i totally need something like this, though i have a different idea. I was thinking of using a wired in/out-box unit flipped upside down to create a ventilated area that lifts the computer about 3-4 inches off the table, so you can use a desk, the ground, your bed. i'll show it when i get my hands on it
enero9 years ago
Mmmmm....slothy goodness.