Picture of BB gun target
just a target for BB made by soda cans
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Step 1: Get ur materails

Picture of get ur materails
ok ur gona need
  • a preetty long rope (depending how many targets ur gona have)
*some empty soda cans (u cannot use full ones ull find out l8er)
*to things to tie the rope and targets to(like a tree or something)
*and somthing to shot

Step 2: Make it

Picture of make it
so yes take the top thing that u open the can
with and string the rope through the hole

do this for every can

Step 3: Ur finished

Picture of ur finished
now just tie it to wat ever u were gona tie it to like 2 trees or something

Step 4: Now

experiment and have fun

o by the way this is my first instuctable

Step 5: Be very safe

as one of the commenters has posted i need to make sure all of u are safe with this instructable make it away from anything that can be damged or hurt aka a human or animal

i am not relibal for any broken objects u brake or destroy or injer do this at ur on risk and no one eles's

Can also I do it by adjesting those strings to the wall?????????

buster276 years ago
uhhhhhhh...............i thought of that myself but its good for the non-genuises i like the invisible tree lol.
howmayikillu (author)  buster275 years ago
Oh...thanks I guess..... LOL GO INVISO TREE!
Great! this is a good target, but my gun is VERY high FPS, so I fill the cans with
sand or dirt or water or whatever. If it's filled with water you can see your hits better, and if it's filled with dirt or sand it acts as a pellet trap, too =)
ilpug3 years ago
looks fun. might do it.
casman15 years ago
I always done this and a have a 200 dolor very high fps gun and if u get very good aim work on hitting the tab on the can and break it off Im nat a really good shot but after like 7 tried i hit it that way
howmayikillu (author)  casman15 years ago
sweet. i have a cheepo BB gun form when i was 7 a red rider it broke a while ago so i bought a pink one +) its amazing!
omnibot6 years ago
Basically a good idea, would have like to seen pics and/or video though, preferably of a can getting hit and spinning :) I suggest cutting the cans open towards you to catch the BB's.
howmayikillu (author)  omnibot5 years ago
Good idea except the fact that depending on how close you are and the thickness of the can your using it could go straight through, but if your have thicker cans will work better with your idea.
howmayikillu (author)  sharlston5 years ago
yea my old red rider used to shot straight through the cans all the time. If you get really bored with your daisy shot shack up a can of soda and then shot it it is a good way to pass time.
If you replaced cans with plastic bottles and made some pics, you could probobly submit to the TaP'd NY contest. Cool Idea!
howmayikillu (author)  Zippy_Pyromaniac5 years ago
LOL thanks for that to bad its over now (so i think) nice pic btw. (GO CATS!!!)
emclean6 years ago
You also need to make sure that there is noting that can get damaged, or injured behind your targets.
howmayikillu (author)  emclean6 years ago
well thats normally a given when shooting bb guns unless your not thinking right
It is a given to experienced shooters. To kids, and others who are setting it up for the first time, it might not come to mind.
howmayikillu (author)  emclean6 years ago
i am also sorry about not handly this matyrally in the first place i have made a be safe step to it sorry if i caused u any trouble +)
howmayikillu (author)  howmayikillu5 years ago
Wow.....looks like I need to find that dictonary agian lol...
not always kids. most the kids i knw already do tht: the check there backgrounds for anything tht may get harmed in the background. and they are definetly not experienced.
NCRatSniper6 years ago
Careful where your pellet/BB goes...
howmayikillu (author)  NCRatSniper5 years ago
Yes this is a bigger problem then anything else this is why I'm advising to use in a place less likely to injure or break somthing.
andrew136 years ago
its BB gun. not bee bee gun