if you're paying attention, the bee population is in serious decline. I keep seeing bees floundering on the ground and probably on their last leg. I feel terrible for them and want to make a difference. they need us as much as we need them. so I started this small project to help out.

Step 1: Grab a Stick

I keep collecting bits of the forest floor on my hikes to build natural bee hotels, smuggle them out, and then replant them in the forest when they're transformed. anything is up for grabs. I like the knot on this stick, so it came home with me.
another model. my inspiration is simply that one in five bees didn't survive last winter. mason bees are tiny and don't sting, but help keep plants and flowers pollinated, which is critical.
What was your inspiration? Just curious, how do you know that bees live in such holes? I know of some varieties which bore holes in wood. I have some busy destroying my carport. Have you read that these hostels may bait those bees away from my carport? I may suggest these as a project for my daughters youth group for a fund raiser too. Thanks for posting.
aw, thanks! I'm pretty sure I missed the deadline on that one. maybe next time :)
<p>This is great! You should enter it in the Made by Bees contest! https://www.instructables.com/contest/madebybees/</p>

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