Step 10:

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This calendar is now ready to dispense daily doses of drink.

Have fun!

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Lisa W made it!9 months ago

I made one for my husband last year, but it was much simpler to put together. Wrapped a large box in Christmas paper, purchased 25 different bottles of beer, wrapped each beer in a brown paper bag with a ribbon tied around it, numbered each bag and put them all into the box. So easy! Made for ease of chilling the beers too. He could put a few into the fridge (while still in the paper bags) without having to put the entire calendar in at once.

Beer Advent Calendar.jpg
My brother turns 21 this coming year, I think I will make him one with soda up to the day then have a beer in it and then water and an aspirin bottle for the next day. This is great!!
that's awesome!! Pity I only just noticed it now. Bit late to do it for Xmas :(

I guess it doesn't HAVE to be for Xmas.. Make it for Australia Day perhaps :)
mishagirl82 years ago
im going to make this for my dad, but instead of it being for christmas, im going to give it too him 25/24 days before his birthday. hell love it!
Jaz_Allen2 years ago
Here is the advent calendar I made my girlfriend last year, all the boxes are origami and held together with their folds, no glue or sticky tape required. The dates were stamped with the date stamp in my office, wish I had left out the year now so I could re-use it.