Step 2: Adding a 25th Spot

I always though advent calendars were missing an easy trick by not including something on the 25th. I understand that advents are leading up to the day, but who wouldn't want an extra day of awesome stuff. Especially beer.

Totally break all the rules and make your advent calendar as long as you want. Do it, the recipient is sure to thank you. I put my 25th day on the end of one of my rows and glued it in place. Then, the entire matrix was bound in duct tape as an extra measure to ensure it all stays together.

<p>Great gifts for alchoholics, then they can know how many beers they've had.</p>
<p>very creative idea... </p><p>I applaud you.</p><p>Instead of beer, candies, chocolate, mini toys, love cards etc... you can put what you wish, for children, for wives, for friends.</p>
<p>No Only Beer lol!!!</p>
<p>I love this idea! It allows for a wide variety of beer to be consumed, but also allows for a seasonal built-in portion control! I'd have to see what kind of variety of beer is available in cans. I've seen the bottles, but I dig the movement of lots of craft companies adding cans to their product line. Really nicely done!</p>
Wow, love this idea. I have a few friends who will be getting one of these next year. I think you may have been able to use bottle six packs glued together, but they would need to be reinforced. Great instructable!
<p>Everyone complaining about beer, you can use any other thing on this, i'd love to receive beer since here where i live there aren't many kinds, but you can put pastries, chocolate, gifts, letters etc, remember that Instructables is about creation/imrpovement/recycling and a lot of good criticism, cheers to everyone i'm going to make a smaller one but with different stuff for my girl and SO</p>
<p>This is a great idea, with one very big exception. The concept and execution are fantastic, but please for the love of Cernunnos don't kill people's livers this coming yule by giving them tylenol after alcohol. Use aspirin or ibuprofen instead. All the NSAIDs are something to be careful with because potentially they can cause problems with the liver or GI tract, but acetaminophen in particular is a bad one to have after alcohol. Other than that this is a great idea and I just wish I had the time, space, and materials to make one before December is already halfway done. Cheers.</p>
<p>Love it! Also love the ski free pattern! Gonna have to go make my own too.</p><p>Cheers,</p>
<p>Love this idea! I am a huge Advent fan and beer fan....blending the two together; priceless! I like how you staggered (pun intended) the rolls. And the &quot;Ski Free&quot; was an all time favorite and perfect way to wrap up (oh oh) your project. Nicely done.</p>
Here's the one I just made with my son. Just used 24 tubes as they fit perfectly in the box!
<p>That looks fun, and the Charlie Brown on the bottom row is a nice touch.</p><p>Enjoy the 3-month Pro Membership!</p>
<p>I made one for my husband last year, but it was much simpler to put together. Wrapped a large box in Christmas paper, purchased 25 different bottles of beer, wrapped each beer in a brown paper bag with a ribbon tied around it, numbered each bag and put them all into the box. So easy! Made for ease of chilling the beers too. He could put a few into the fridge (while still in the paper bags) without having to put the entire calendar in at once. </p>
<p>That's a fun twist, and definitely easier to store in the fridge.</p><p>Thanks for sharing! Enjoy the 3-month Pro Membership!</p>
Great idea, here's mine: <br>
Being from the west coast, I approve of all the beers I see in your crate. <br />Thanks for sharing, enjoy the patch and 3-month Pro!
Awesome idea! You inspired me to make this one for my guy, and he absolutely loves it (especially that it worked out that oversized cans would even fit in it, lol). :oD
I like the shape of your version, and tall boy cans are a favourite of mine. Great work! <br />For sharing your version of this project you've been awarded a digital patch on your profile and a 3-month Pro Membership!
Whoa, I totally missed this one! This is a 25 layer awesome burrito, and if I had room in my fridge I'd probably make it . . . actually, it would make a really good gift for my brother the brewer. He's got a kegerator, and I suspect you could squeeze this in there between the various kegs. I'll put this on my list for next year!
My brother turns 21 this coming year, I think I will make him one with soda up to the day then have a beer in it and then water and an aspirin bottle for the next day. This is great!!
that's awesome!! Pity I only just noticed it now. Bit late to do it for Xmas :( <br> <br>I guess it doesn't HAVE to be for Xmas.. Make it for Australia Day perhaps :)
im going to make this for my dad, but instead of it being for christmas, im going to give it too him 25/24 days before his birthday. hell love it!
You calendar is awesome. I might use a variation of it when I have my annual Christmas Pub Crawl with my friends.<br> <br> I made this Advent calendar for my nephews this year. And as you can see in the picture I have also included day 25. But no candy every day for them, instead, I wrote a task for them to do on that day, like <em>Listen to Christmas music while having breakfast&nbsp;</em>or <em>Read a Christmas Story from another country</em>.<br> <br>
The Bowen Island IPA tells me you are probably Canadian. Bob and Doug would have loved this. Carry on.
Take off, you hoser!
I have no comeback as I cannot find my thinking toque.
I found this on a german site. Its more straight forward :-P<br> <br> <img src="http://www.expli.de/uploads/images/bier-adventskalender-bierkasten-123477905344_23346.jpg"><br> <br> here is the link: <a href="http://www.expli.de/anleitung/bier-adventskalender-aus-bierkasten-1472/" rel="nofollow">http://www.expli.de/anleitung/bier-adventskalender-aus-bierkasten-1472/</a>
Here is the advent calendar I made my girlfriend last year, all the boxes are origami and held together with their folds, no glue or sticky tape required. The dates were stamped with the date stamp in my office, wish I had left out the year now so I could re-use it.
What did you hide in yours behind each day?
Only thing I would change is to add additional space for multiple beers per day. Very cool. :)
I had originally though of mini whiskey or scotch bottles, with multiples per day! Maybe there's an option to make a week long calendar of the same size and you can open a door every few hours per day. Whoa!
This makes the countdown to Xmas a lot better Will i make one?... Yes
Yes, make one. I should have really made two, so I could enjoy one myself.
How sturdy is this for year-to-year reuse? <br>This might work well with PVC for a reusable calendar. The cardboard tubes might get damp / moldy after the second Christmas in the fridge.
The tubes are pretty solid, and I reinforced the matrix with a few wraps of duct tape to be sure. I think this could possibly last 2-3 years, if taken care of.
I made and delivered one today to a guy who's always bringing me good stuff to drink. I used bottles. Thanks for the cool ideas.
Great stuff! <br />For sharing yours here you get a digital patch (on your profile page) and a 3-month Pro Membership.
I would think this could be&nbsp;simplified&nbsp;if you just use an empty bottle case. Love this idea, great work<br> <br> .
This is exactly the box I mention in Step 9, thanks for supplying a picture.
LOL Mike, you're awesome dude! One of the best Instructables I've seen! Merry Christmas!
That is awesome! I might have to do that one of these days!
Now that's an advent calendar, I can get behind. <br>
Brilliant instructable. <br>May be worth asking at print shops for the cardboard tubes that form the cores of print media rolls, some of those are wide enough for beer cans or bottles. <br>
Just FYI, advent calendars have 24 days because Germans (where the advent calendar comes from) celebrate Christmas on the 24th, not the 25th.
NIce! My daughter spent a exchange year in Germany and her host parents gave her a beer advent calendar that was commercially available there.
I don't drink beer but I think this is AWESOME. I must find a friend that drinks beer so I can give this to them.
Or you could just use a case, flipped on it's side! LOL
I like it :) After all these years, I have to change from chocolate to something else :)
Hmm... I think I might make this as a X-mas present for my sister... (as we live on opposite sides of the globe, we will only meet round the 20th... and it is cheaper to make it for less tme :) I will h ave it start on the 24th: 1 beer every day, 6 beers, and, on the last day, the 31st: Ill put a bottle of gin :) (I was thinking, all of them, surrounding the last, 31st) <br> <br>Hmm... Ill design it once I am back home :)
Chocolate can never be boring.<br>I would think a non-alcoholic version would be appropriate for some.
OMG best advent calendar EVER!!!! Does it fit in your fridge?

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