I love a good beer bread! It's such a simple loaf to make and almost fool proof. I've been working with a recipe I found online to create a loaf of beer bread that's just right. I'm really happy with it now. :D

Beer bread is perfect with beef stew or chili, and even yummy as a grilled cheese!

Step 1: Ingredients

  • 3 cups flour - see the next step about how to measure it properly!
  • 3 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 12 ounces of beer - room temp is better, but not necessary
  • 1/4 cup unsalted butter, melted

I reduced the sugar from the original recipe and also halved the butter. The first time I made it, I thought it was a little strong tasting: too sweet AND too buttery. It was almost like a hoppy dessert.

You can really use any beer you want - I wanted to try a chocolate stout this time, but the boy convinced me to go with an ale for this batch. I've yet to experiment with putting cheese in it, but I think next time I want to add a handful of cheddar and maybe some jalapenos!

Oh, also! You'll need a loaf pan. I'm using an 8 in x 4 in one. The dough is way too wet to go freeform. :)
<p>Hey dude, i love you. This is so much crazy super brutal golden best bread i ever eat. Thank you so much for this instructable.</p><p>Tom</p>
Making this now... Can't wait to see how it turns out:)
<p>Awesome recipe..</p><p>I've been using about 1/3 whole wheat flour, with 1 spoonful of &quot;vital wheat gluten,&quot; and added a good handful of shredded sharp cheddar.</p><p>It's great toasted, with stew!</p>
<p>Amazing bread. My wife wants it everytime it's my night to cook</p>
Loves it
Good stuff! Made one with all purpose, and trying one today with whole wheat flout
<p>Made it! It was soooo good. It's amazing all on it's own or with some butter and jam. I used Dos Equis beer. I was concerned about using plain old all purpose flour, but it worked great. I cooked it 40 mins in my electric oven. Came out just like the picture. I let it cool before cutting, but still had trouble keeping the pieces together. Didn't matter though. Love the crunchy buttery crust. Next time I think I'll try adding orange zest, ginger and maybe some almond or vanilla extract.</p>
ok, for the heck of it, i used an out-of-date bottle of bud light lime (blech !) and chopped up 7 hot jalapeno slices into the mix. it also came out great ! It has a smoky flavor. i want to tey again with some sharp cheddar mixed in. i foresee a LOT of experimenting with this recipe.
<p>I messed it up the first time, so here's my second try. Blue Moon Belgian White (the failed first try was Short Straw) and black sesame seeds.</p>
thank you for this awesome recipe ! i made a loaf with a chocolate &amp; coffee porter beer from our local brew pub, and it is great ! so quick and simple to make, easy cleanup, and really great taste.
<p>did you try to make it from dark beer?</p>
<p>I haven't yet, but that will be my next try. So far I've only done English Ale, Pale Ale and India Ale. I really want to try something dark and stout next time. :D</p>
<p>it can be little bit sweeter (but it depends on the type of beer), so be careful with sugar ;)<br>I'm going to try this asap i get pan like this :) or think of how to substitute it...i imaginane something from baking paperin biggrt pan :)</p><p>aaaand last question - has it taste sweet or neutral like everidge white pastry?<br>thanks:)<br>PS: let us know what happened with dark beer experiment :)</p>
<p>Made some last night, turned out really well :) thanks for the recipe, will do it again with a really dark ale next time.</p>
<p>Bread is good, beer is good, this can only be delicious! Thanx to remind me I really have to try this ;)</p>
just made this tonight. Had it with coffee. freakin awesome.
<p>mmmmm, The crust looks amazing, will be trying this.</p>
gonna try this on my cheat day
convert on Google :)
awesome, I really want to try it, any chance you can put weight in grams for flour and butter?

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