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I love a good beer bread! It's such a simple loaf to make and almost fool proof. I've been working with a recipe I found online to create a loaf of beer bread that's just right. I'm really happy with it now. :D

Beer bread is perfect with beef stew or chili, and even yummy as a grilled cheese!

Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
  • 3 cups flour - see the next step about how to measure it properly!
  • 3 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 12 ounces of beer - room temp is better, but not necessary
  • 1/4 cup unsalted butter, melted

I reduced the sugar from the original recipe and also halved the butter. The first time I made it, I thought it was a little strong tasting: too sweet AND too buttery. It was almost like a hoppy dessert.

You can really use any beer you want - I wanted to try a chocolate stout this time, but the boy convinced me to go with an ale for this batch. I've yet to experiment with putting cheese in it, but I think next time I want to add a handful of cheddar and maybe some jalapenos!

Oh, also! You'll need a loaf pan. I'm using an 8 in x 4 in one. The dough is way too wet to go freeform. :)
hsipple7 months ago
Making this now... Can't wait to see how it turns out:)
crankyjew made it!8 months ago

Awesome recipe..

I've been using about 1/3 whole wheat flour, with 1 spoonful of "vital wheat gluten," and added a good handful of shredded sharp cheddar.

It's great toasted, with stew!

tomva11 months ago

Amazing bread. My wife wants it everytime it's my night to cook

cbrian11 year ago
Loves it
josrya891 year ago
Good stuff! Made one with all purpose, and trying one today with whole wheat flout
cc021 year ago

Made it! It was soooo good. It's amazing all on it's own or with some butter and jam. I used Dos Equis beer. I was concerned about using plain old all purpose flour, but it worked great. I cooked it 40 mins in my electric oven. Came out just like the picture. I let it cool before cutting, but still had trouble keeping the pieces together. Didn't matter though. Love the crunchy buttery crust. Next time I think I'll try adding orange zest, ginger and maybe some almond or vanilla extract.

ok, for the heck of it, i used an out-of-date bottle of bud light lime (blech !) and chopped up 7 hot jalapeno slices into the mix. it also came out great ! It has a smoky flavor. i want to tey again with some sharp cheddar mixed in. i foresee a LOT of experimenting with this recipe.
CaliSelkie made it!1 year ago

I messed it up the first time, so here's my second try. Blue Moon Belgian White (the failed first try was Short Straw) and black sesame seeds.

Beer Bread.png
thank you for this awesome recipe ! i made a loaf with a chocolate & coffee porter beer from our local brew pub, and it is great ! so quick and simple to make, easy cleanup, and really great taste.

did you try to make it from dark beer?

jessyratfink (author)  sweet nightmare1 year ago

I haven't yet, but that will be my next try. So far I've only done English Ale, Pale Ale and India Ale. I really want to try something dark and stout next time. :D

it can be little bit sweeter (but it depends on the type of beer), so be careful with sugar ;)
I'm going to try this asap i get pan like this :) or think of how to substitute it...i imaginane something from baking paperin biggrt pan :)

aaaand last question - has it taste sweet or neutral like everidge white pastry?
PS: let us know what happened with dark beer experiment :)

bezcorp1 year ago

Made some last night, turned out really well :) thanks for the recipe, will do it again with a really dark ale next time.

bricobart1 year ago

Bread is good, beer is good, this can only be delicious! Thanx to remind me I really have to try this ;)

just made this tonight. Had it with coffee. freakin awesome.
monty3241 year ago

mmmmm, The crust looks amazing, will be trying this.

wtrayner1 year ago
gonna try this on my cheat day
kbarbs1 year ago
convert on Google :)
Florizzz1 year ago
awesome, I really want to try it, any chance you can put weight in grams for flour and butter?