Picture of beer can art
another thing you can do with something common to many households, beer. My friend and co-worker Sullivan turned me on to this. It's her art, not mine, i just thought i'd post the idea.
you'll need:
a half rack of beer
a stomache
innate artistic ability (or the desire to "spruce up the place a bit" without prostituting your art.)
bag (i suggest paper grocery, that way you can keep these in one while keeping stencil in other...but that's another project.)

Step 1: Get an empty beer can. Tall boys are better but anything works.

Picture of get an empty beer can. Tall boys are better but anything works.
Make sure to get the top and bottoms to fold on the same side, resulting in a fairly smooth side and a crappy side.
jimwig6 years ago
paint the crappy side yeeeaahhhhhh!!!!!!
Hi!... what kind of paint use your friend with the cans? I tried with acrylic, and... it was not good :S
What do you mean "not good"? Did you primer it first? Because I would have thoguht that acrylic would have painted on fine if you did. I can understand why it wouldn't have adhered to the UNtreated smooth 'n' shiny surface of the can.
Scurl! (author)  marifer.fors7 years ago
i believe it's first scoured with a green scrubbie or something, and then spray primered and spray painted, or it could be paint pens. not sure about that bit. maybe a combo.
thoraxe7 years ago
Why is one of your tags "penis"?
Scurl! (author)  thoraxe7 years ago
i can't believe it took years for someone to say something about that! you never know what someone will search for.
Kathybear7 years ago
You could use those magnets that they sell to mount business cards on. I have a packet of them and this sort of things looks interesting... I'm a bit old to put them on signposts, but that's an idea...
jakee1178 years ago
so thats what cliche means
Darkshot8 years ago
hey i have a question....could i try and imitate this art? because i had a cool idea for a stencil/ sketch and i was wonderin if i could get your permission :) thanks
Scurl! (author)  Darkshot8 years ago
It's not my art, as I said in a comment a long while ago, so I really have no control over what you make your monsters eat. the person who actually did the art has moved on to a different style, i believe. but don't quote me on that.
Darkshot Scurl!8 years ago
well i saw that comment but i guess i kinda worded it wrong :] hehe sry enyway i mean can you get YOUR FRIENDS permission please
Scurl! (author)  Darkshot8 years ago
in all honesty, i've lost communication with them, since i've moved, and they very likely have too. i wouldn't see a problem with your imitation though, since (insert cliche here) and all...
Darkshot Scurl!8 years ago
cool thanks i'll work on it on my vacation that im on rite now :] enyway cool...What is a cliche? hehe
Scurl! (author)  Darkshot8 years ago
(copied from wikipedia) A cliché (from French, klɪ'ʃe) is a phrase, expression, or idea that has been overused to the point of losing its intended force or novelty, especially when at some time it was considered distinctively forceful or novel. The term is generally used in a negative context. specifically i meant "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"
Darkshot Scurl!8 years ago
ohhhhhhhhhhhhh thanks :]
I love these! i am going to do some right now!!!
Remote Man8 years ago
nice... need some cool art for my workshop... i have found it... 9/10 my friend
woodknot8 years ago
Is that Frank Zappa picking his nose? He was brilliant. So is this Instructable. Thanks for the idea. I have a well made but ugly shed. My neighbors hate it. No I know how I can spruce it up. I live in Oregon and I would have to give up the refund, but what the heck. What are good neighbors for? Thanks.
I love you I was doing stuff similar with vegetable cans now i will use soda cans thanks p.s. i pretty much love you for this.
bloodymess8 years ago
I was looking for a kind of non destructive street art... I think I found it! thanks!
Really cool streetart man :)
Scurl! (author)  Brother_Bear9 years ago
turns out it's not my friend Sullivan's, it's her friends art. I'm not at liberty to name name's here. Just want to give credit where it's due...to the extent that i can. Sullivan just nailed it to my wall.
SporksEater9 years ago
Ohh~~ Sounds amusing. I may try this is the park by my house. >.>
Scurl! (author) 9 years ago
yeah, figured it had it's problems. just thought i'd throw it out there (no pun...ok...yeah i did it what?)
You'd need those magnets on the outside of the can if you're gonna try that. Just glue them down and use something like those trash grabbers to place them up high. Still, a good gust of wind would likely catch on the underside and knock 'em off.
pencilneck9 years ago
magnets... hmmmm... now I have another reason to get my wife drunk!