What ever happened to the hubbub around 3D printed weapons? Get ready to bust a cap and shotgun a beer with the 3D printed beer shooter. Before you jump the gun and shoot from the hip, this concept can't shoot anything and is nothing more than a holder for your beer.

Perpetuating the concept of 3D printing weapons beyond the iStab, the beer shooter is a novel way to take the pain away and self medicate with a few shots (of beer) straight to the mouth. This 3D printed beer holder uses a model of a Colt 1911 to hold the beer bottle while you sip, and is sure to cause a stir wherever you drink.

Obviously this is a novelty creation. Using the beer shooter anywhere is really a bad idea.

The 3D file to make your own beershooter is below.

Step 1: Get Meshmixer

*(Cowbert model shown can be found here)

If you're not familiar with Meshmixer, it's amazing!

Meshmixer is a free entry level design software used to mash two (or more) models together. You don't need to know anything about 3D modelling to make things, and the results are usually pretty amazing (like the "cowbert" model shown above).

There's endlesslibraries of free models you can download for free that other people have made, and there's primatives in the software, so the possibilities are endless.

Meshmixer is the same software used to create the iStab, how to Turn Yourself into Action Figure, and the Knuckleduster Phone Case.

<p>OH MY GOD! DON'T DO IT!!! </p><p>oh wait... I meant to say: Cheers!<br>;-)</p><p>I am impressed by your 3D design skills, and also your use of gun language puns, in the Intro step to this 'ible.</p>
<p>Is it really Work?</p>
Lol love this concept but don't try this in front of children :)
<p>Are children stupid?</p>
<p>no but they can be naughty</p>
<p>Why? Do your children have access to guns and/or beer?</p>
<p>not really. i don't have children. but im sure if a child see this he can point a toy gun in his mouth too :) </p><p>and i do know some kids who can actually do it and yes they do know where is the gun of there father too :P</p>
<p>This is just stupid. Imagine what would happen if you get used to drinking with this beer all the time and then once, after you are really drunk, you go for another beer but instead you pick up your real gun. This shouldn't be here, it's not even funny. </p>
<p>This is where that thing called responsible parenting come into play, when I was a kid we had guns in the house, and guess what if I had wanted to I could have gotten them at any time. However my parents educated me, they taught me about guns, the dangers of guns, and how to be responsible with them. I never once had the thought or urge to use the guns without my parents help. The whole guns are horrible evil things has gone entirely to far, the focus needs to be on poor parenting, and poor teaching. </p>
<p>For what it's worth, there is no realy purpose for guns except to kill people or animals. They are tools of destruction. In that regard they are &quot;horrible, evil&quot; things and there is reason to be concerned about anyone having one, because none of us are perfect and having a gun to hand when you become sufficiently angry is potentially much worse than beating someone or slapping them because they make it incredibly easy and efficient to kill people. Responsible parenting can, perhaps, reduce or eliminate accidents, but shooting someone you are angry with or have hatred for is hardly an accident...</p>
<p>For what it's worth. There is no real purpose for scalpels except to cut people. </p>
<p>when you misspell a word do you blame the pencil. Guns are a tool, when used properly for sport, hunting or defense they don't kill. The user of the gun determines the outcome. Some people are evil and Do bad things. If you own a gun and can't control your anger, you have issues. I have been a gun owner for over 20 years. Never had hatred or anger or alcohol get the best of me. Your generalization of gun ownership is a rediculous assumption on knowledge you don't have any experience with. Sticks to reviewing the build and keep your 2 cent politics out of it. </p>
<p>No, I do not. The pencil is for writing and I do not blame my deficiency at writing or spelling on the pencil. Yes, guns are a tool. However they are a tool with a singular purpose, /killing/. Hunting is simply killing animals that you intend to eat and sport is showing how good you could be/are at successfully 'killing' the target. Whether or not it actually kills does not change the fact that it is purpose built to kill.<br><br>The user of the gun does not &quot;determine the outcome&quot; aside from deciding from how much damage he/she will cause and what they aim at. Also, it is possible to die of /shock/ (see medical definition) from being shot even if the shot itself does not cause a fatal wound.<br><br>For what it's worth, I don't believe the vast majority of people (and possibly any) are evil. They are simply self-centered and hold their own well being (also pleasure, success, wealth, etc) to be a higher priority than that of others. Under the right circumstances, almost anyone can be induced to kill another person. There is a point beyond which very few people can &quot;control their anger&quot;. Further the statement &quot;If you own a gun and can't control your anger, you have issues.&quot; is ridiculous bullshit. You don't have anymore issues than anyone else, you just happen to have a very deadly weapon handy that will allow you to &quot;resolve your issues&quot; in a violent and fatal manner.<br><br>I do not own a gun, however I have fired both single shot rifles and a shotgun. I also have some degree of practice with a bow and arrow. A bow is also a weapon. A careless shot can kill if you hit someone. I do not intend to kill anyone and /nothing/ is -further- from my mind than shooting people with my bow and arrow. Nevertheless, even a blunt arrow that strikes a person (when shot) can cause harm and I dare say it would not be difficult for almost anyone to obtain more lethal arrows. The risk of injury, even fatal injuries, is why one observes similar rules on an archery range as one does on a gun range. I.e. you generally ask permission to enter the range and wait for it to be granted and the archery marshal/supervisor is responsible for ensuring that shooting comes to a halt before arrows are retrieved and that no one is down range before shooting is permitted to continue.<br><br>I am not engaging in &quot;2 cent politics&quot;, I am dealing in fact and, to a lesser degree, an informed opinion. You should refrain from engaging in politics.]<br><br>P.S.<br>It is a very poor idea to utilize a gun for &quot;self defense&quot; unless your idea of defending yourself is to kill, maim, or otherwise seriously injure the other person. If you are not prepared and ready to shoot and willing to cope with the consequences, you are advised to learn unarmed martial combat and a variety of ways of disarming your assailant.</p>
<p>I feel like Vicroras comment has to be a joke, but I'm not sure. If you are unaware of your surroundings enough to leave a real gun loaded and idly laying on the table while you drink, then pick it up on accident and not notice the different weight and feel of the metal, then put the barrel in your mouth and not realize the different shape and composition, then pull the trigger without realizing the totally different resistance, then you were probably bound to die an early death anyway.</p>
<p>Eh. I don't how it's any worse than walking out the door to a 5th floor balcony and falling off because, while drunk, because you thought it led to a hallway or the bathroom. The moment you get that drunk, all bets are off. Also, not having a real gun to pick up solves that problem. Additionally it's unlikely that you will keep your &quot;beer shooter&quot; locked up in your gun cabinet, so as long as you leave your real gun safely locked away there is little chance of the sort of thing that you suggest actually happening.</p>
<p>Ok, I don't see the common sense in anyone's argument here!!! This article, like every other in here, is an Intractable for learning something new. This whole gun sensitivity argument is ignorant in my opinion. This is an intractable on how to create new STL's for 3d printing. The fact that the writer chose to merge a beer bottle an a gun for this demo is irrelevant... You should all be thank full that the writer took the time to teach us a new way of merging multiple 3D designing's to create something productive.</p>
<p>and im guessing people who drink shouldn't play racing games because they might get REALLY drunk and end up getting into their REAL car, thinking its a video game, and drive it around and get hurt? Right?!</p>
<p>Now what was the expression they use for that ? Oh yes, &quot;Darwin Awards&quot;.</p><p>&quot;Named in honor of Charles Darwin, the father of evolution, the Darwin Awards commemorate those who improve our gene pool by removing themselves from it.&quot;</p><p>http://www.darwinawards.com/</p>
What a dumb idea!!!
<p>I can appreciate the creativity. I won't be making one of these. I refuse to put anything remotely like a gun to my mouth. I make no judgements about those that do decide to make this however. To each their own.</p><p>From a practical perspective though, it doesn't seem there is a way to set this down without finishing the bottle first. Perpaps in the subsequent steps (beyond step 1), I didn't look.</p>
<p>I agree re putting anything remotely like a gun in my mouth. Like you, I realise what the instructable was supposed to be about, but, personally, I found the visual so disturbing that I found it difficult to take in the rest of the instructable. A poor choice of example for what could have been a good tutorial.</p>
<p>Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA? Good choice.</p>
<p>It's a personal favourite!</p>
<p>It's hard to beat on a flavor to price perspective. Not many others come close.</p>
<p>I understand what this instructable is supposed to be about, but I can't tell you how disturbing the visual of someone putting a gun in their mouth is to me. So disturbing, in fact, that I found it hard to take in the actual information. If you wanted to educate about the program, perhaps a less disturbing model would have been more effective? </p>
<p>I can't tell you how dumb I feel this is. Making a joke about guns and alcohol (together) even if &quot;a joke&quot; , Isn't a funny at all. If kids see this they think it's ok to play with guns.I know there's a policy re-nice comments but It's how I feel.</p>
<p>Stop getting drunk with your kids! Hey everyone, this guy gets his kids drunk!</p><p>Take a chill pill dude</p>
<p>Tell me, what are your opinions on nerf guns? I think most of us consider them fairly harmless and they are far more likely to make kids things it's &quot;ok to play with guns&quot; than this instructable is.</p>
<p>I don't know why your kids have access to beer and a 3D printer unsupervised...</p>
do you make'em in 40oz size? lol
Bad-ass dude!!! A+ on design n production... You might be able to sell those very easily... I want one!
Odd. But creativity is in the eye of the beholder.
<p>Thank you Mikeasaurus, for teaching me a new way of merging my 3d designs to form something better. This was a great intractable.</p>
<p>nice little gimmick but it is basically floored because you can't put it down without loosing all your lovely beer, it needs a stand on it so you can stand the beer bottle upright, or am I missing something?</p>
<p>Guns and alcohol......... Homer Simpson will love it</p>
<p>Still not doing anything productive...</p>
<p>You know this dosen't do anything...</p>
<p>Looks like a good way to get shot when some cop sees you walking with it in your hand.</p>
<p>It's okay if you are white though. White guys can get away with anything.</p>
<p>You could have made a container with a moveable bottom (like a Push Pop or a tube of silica gel) and then made the 'gun' with a trigger similar to the silica gel dispenser. The you could have made a joke about shooting (alcoholic) shots into your mouth.</p><p>Instead, you look like some fool who wanted to combine two of the worst 'legal' vices man can have (especially at the same time) into a 3D printed redundancy.</p>
<p>It's art. You don't have to like it, understand it, or even condone it. Just go somewhere else and not bother the people who do like these kinds of things.</p><p>Leave everyone alone, and we would have no issues.</p>
<p>You're welcome to make your own version just like you describe and show me how it's done!</p>
<p>Very cool! Thanks for the tip about meshmixer, I've been looking for something like that.</p>
<p>Thanks Ian!</p><p>I can't overstate just how cool Meshmixer is. It's not always perfect, but you can generally play with the models until you get something you are happy with. I'm not really good at 3D modelling, and can always create something fun quickly.</p>
<p>Clever. I love the gif at the end.</p>

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