Introduction: Bees Wax Camping Sheets

Hello, this is my new project, bees wax camping sheets. It is kind of like thick beeswrap but you can make a cup our a plate with it. It is amazing that it is water proof and you can just dry it off. I made it with unbleached fabric and bees wax. I just painted it on with a clean paintbrush and let it dry. You may think, why the heck would I want to eat out of fabric and beeswax? This is not supposesd to replace regular plates and cups, but it is nice to have a compact thing to use in a survival situation when you need something compact. If you do not like to use this as a plate our cup then just use it to wrap around stuff like plastic wrap.

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kpendragon (author)2015-06-20

Me too! Please

sonic broom (author)kpendragon2015-06-21

I hope to make instructions some time. But in the meantime here is a link to something similar

kpendragon (author)sonic broom2015-06-21

Thanks so much. Big help; I tried melting in a pot and dunking, this would be a much easier way and achieve far better results. Have a great day and thanks for the idea (y)

sonic broom (author)kpendragon2015-06-21


Mattakers (author)2014-05-21

I like it! Can you show us how to make it?

sonic broom (author)Mattakers2014-05-21

ok i will try to make an instructable soon

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