Introduction: Beginner Autonomous Robot (partially)

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All of the partially no programming robot's i saw required spdt switches that can get easily activated, but i did not have that luxury.So I made a simple and easy to make partially autonomous robot.

Step 1: Go Get the Stuff

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2x Bo motors about 150 rpm.(the fit and provide a good power to weight ratio).

2x Wheels (depends on your motors)

1x small box when i mean small i mean those acrylic paint boxes

9v battery (9v powerpack not a six aa size battery holder.

2x crocodile clips

Step 2: Hole for Motors

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make a hole using a divider or a knife just donot cut yourself like i did.

Step 3: Motor Mount

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Use double sided tape to mount the motors or use screws .

Step 4: Crocodiles Clips

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Screw your wire onto the croc clip .

Step 5: Battery

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place the battery in between the gap between the Bo's (motors).

Step 6: Give It Life

connect terminals you need not think polarity. just try to make it lean back.


robobot3112 (author)2014-07-14

ok check it out.

wilgubeast (author)2014-07-14


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