Picture of bellows for large format camera
heres how you can make a bellows for a large format camera .
while i realize that film cameras are the old way this can be used if you want to make a scanner camera a pinhole camera or even a bellows to pump air.
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Step 1: Material list

to make this you will need :
1 sheet of black bristol board(sometimes called bristle board)
1 roll of black cloth hockey stick tape 1inch wide
1 ballpoint pen{if its dried up its ok so long as its stromgly made}
1 straight edge (longer than the sheet)

Step 2: Layout

Picture of layout
score 1.jpg
first decide on the spacing you want in your bellows .
if you make it for a small camera you may want to use a 1cm spacing but this is hard to work with for a guy with big fingers like me so i chose to use one half inch.
measure very carefully all from the same end of the sheet and mark exactly on the lines of the ruler with a sharp pencil.
measure on both sides and up the middle.
then line up your straight edge on all 3 marks{if they dont line up then the measurement is off}.
when the straightedge is lined up hold it firmly and score the sheet with a ball point pen(not so deep as to cut through but to score it so it will hinge on the mark you may want to practice this on some scrap) .
if the ruler didnt move you will have a nice score paralell with the edge of the sheet congrats(now do it again until you get in as far as you want it}
in this case 12 inches
composingmama made it!5 months ago

thanks for the tutorial... i used it to make a fake vintage camera to hold my canon rebel for a steampunk party i'm hosting in a couple months. :)

camera box.jpg
perfo9 months ago

Would a glass cutter work well to score the lines? They have a little wheel so should mark without cutting or ripping..

Thanks we used your bellows design to make tapered bellows for these theatre props find out how here

We made three cameras at a cost of £10.

14, 22:36.jpg
lennyb (author)  Ukdavidwoods1 year ago

those look cool

im so glad you found my instructable usefull.

also that it saved you some money

lennyb (author) 2 years ago
well my method doesnt lend itself well to leather . but if you made one like mine you could use it as a template to cut leather to fit. as for the leather thinner is better to keep the seams and bends crisper.
the best way to make it would be to cut the leather and lay out thin sticks of wood or heavy card to stiffen the places you dont want to bend, glue them in place then line the inside with a thin cloth. and then once its all dry fold the leather like i folded the card.
try a small section first to get an idea of what works and good luck.
Inspiring !
Any advice on making Bellows with LEATHER to repair the large vintage wooden plate camera in pic below ?
- What sort of leather ?
- Would this need backing for stiffness ?

slowjoep2 years ago
Love your Instructable. Do you also have one that is suitable for conical bellows?
lennyb (author)  slowjoep2 years ago
yes you do it the exact same way but taper the cardstock .
I just made one of these in my office with cardstock and box tape and it came out great. Awesome instructable. Thanks!
dwerg853 years ago
Thanks for this. I've seen everywhere that making the bellows is a long and arduous process. With this how to, cutting the carton was the most time consuming bit.
quepez5 years ago
vientos carnal esta muy interesante

nef quepez3 years ago
jajaj awebo barrio!
Tbonestone5 years ago
 Is there an instructable on building the camera framework? I would like to build the bellows, but need a reason to... :-)
Thank you,
lennyb (author)  Tbonestone5 years ago
yes there is.
its more of a teardown as i made the camera before instructables
but its not a hard build.
polerix5 years ago
went a step beyond, added a usb flatbed scanner to the back, and one of those black cloth covers.
lennyb (author)  polerix5 years ago
post a picture id love to see it.
polerix5 years ago
great instructable. works as displayed.
bigbadd8 years ago
Lennyb, how water resistant is this material? I am interested in building a field camera and the one you have pictured looks like a jewel but I would like whatever I build to stand the weather. thank's bb
lennyb (author)  bigbadd6 years ago
lol im not sure how i missed this question and even though its 2 years late here goes. it not very waterproof at all but if you were to varnish the paper it would be better. maybe liquid latex might be a better choice though as the varnish will make the bellows brittle. sorry for not responding before this.
Lach6 years ago
Gold! My next project is going to be a concertina, so this will be very handy.
lennyb (author)  Lach6 years ago
lol hope it works out. may need to use a heavier card than i did tho.
mjbphoto6 years ago
I might of missed it but did anyone specify what material should be used for a traditional bellows on my 8x10. What was used by the original maker, Agfa in the early 1900's mjb
lennyb (author)  mjbphoto6 years ago
leather was the material of choice . this one is paper and hockey tape. quick and dirty but surprisingly durable
gmoon8 years ago
Great stuff! I've got an ancient 'Ansco' 8x10 view camera, but the bellows are really leaky. Had thought about using a neoprene compound to seal the worn areas--but now might try replacing 'em...
smieglitz gmoon7 years ago
Did you ever construct replacement bellows for the Ansco? I have 2 Agfa Commercial View Cameras that need bellows replaced so I will be starting that project soon. Your camera may be a newer version of the two I have. I have an old bellows to use as a pattern. I'll append my bellows construction webpage once I have it figured out.
gmoon smieglitz7 years ago
No, I haven't. I'll check out your page, it might be just what I need. If you PM me your email, I'll send you a photo of the compare with yours.
lennyb (author)  gmoon8 years ago
be sure to keep the original bellows to preserve the antique value of your camera and use the homemade ones for real work.
gmoon lennyb8 years ago
That's a good point, although I generally don't collect photo stuff that I can't use...
(removed by author or community request)
lennyb (author)  DELETED_freewheeler7 years ago
keep an eye out for the plans im working on soon i hope but if youd rather buy than build try ebay i got the lens for mine for 12 bucks, its 100 years old .the cameras not tho lol
trjames8 years ago
Come on, we're looking for those camera plans!
lennyb (author)  trjames8 years ago
im starting on the plans now expect to see them in a month or so. sorry it cant be sooner but im a busy man and lazy too so its a bad combo lol
trjames lennyb8 years ago
Thanks for the reply. I understand the combo all too well believe me. Don't you love those projects that don't get worked on for years at a time? I got six I can think of off the top of my head.
homebrew1068 years ago
thats the best idea for making bellows i've seen the camera looks good too any chance of listing plans for that ?? cheers Homebrew
lennyb (author)  homebrew1068 years ago
i intend on posting the camera build eventualy though it will be a reverse engineer case as i did it 4 years ago. but keep watching when i get some spare time ill crank it out