Introduction: Belly Button Accessories

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I love my belly button but its useless, so I,ve added function to the belly button.   I've added belly buttons to all my favourite tees to hold my favourite toys.

Step 1: Acquisition

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You will need the following
- snap buttons and tools from arts and crafts store, upholstery store
- hammer
- favourite t shirt
- favourite toy or accessory

Step 2: Add Useful Belly Button

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locate your navel and using snap button tools (comes with buttons) use hammer to set in place against a solid suirface....I used my abs ...after the crying stopped i used a table.

Step 3: Add Button to Your Toy or Accessory

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you can choose anything you want to attach to your shirt, hankerchief, iphone, spittoon, I used a drum! 

Using other half of your button hammer in place, while keeping in mind the center of gravity of object. You dont want it to flip over.

Step 4: Adjust

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The first time i put it  on it fell over and the drum hung to low so i had to raise the button position on the drum, and my belly button was at my crotch.

The buttons cant be re-used easily so it is best get it right first time.

Step 5: Attach

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snap the buttons together and enjoy, you can now have anything in arms reach and hands free at all times...


Master97865 (author)2012-09-27

Ha! I love it! Nice humor, you used your abs XD I honestly thought this was hilarious and awesome, I might consider trying it

ilpug (author)2011-12-07

I see what you did there.

Me likey.

iamkeebler (author)2011-12-07

ha! Luv it!

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