one of the most annoying thing in my workshop is the tools that i can't find ,even if its in front of me .I am not really an organized man but when in it comes to screwdrivers and pliers it drives me nuts to search them on my workbench ,so i decided to make this small tools organizer

Step 1: Design

The goals list:

  1. Easy and simple to build
  2. Small and compact as possible
  3. Holds the tools that i use more often
  4. Build it cheap
  • After some paper drawing i ended up with this design ,which i think is the best
  • The dimensions depends on what you got, you don't need to stick with the exact dimensions

  • If the longest screwdriver you have touch the ground and you don't have a wider wood palette you can go with the other design with a longer

  • The only thing a got in mind is wood ,and where can i get it? o yeah pallets!

<p>When we stay neat and organized, our preparation works before starting on a project become easier and a lot of time and effort can be saved. Hence, to have a tools organizer is indeed necessary to better facilitate our prep work for a day at the shed.</p>
<p>I just stubmbled across this this is a great idea!</p>
good idea..have been looking for a design for holding my carving knives and chisels...this will work just fine...thanks
<p>thank you</p>
<p>Nice work....always helps to keep control of your tools. </p>
<p>thanks <a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/Mick+Bevan/" rel="nofollow">Mick Bevan</a></p>

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