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Introduction: Berry Spritzer

Out of ice? This is even better...

Step 1: Assemble Ingredients

You need sparkling water, frozen berries, and a glass.

Step 2: Add Berries

Pour the frozen berries into the glass (amount varies with taste).

Step 3: Add Water

Fill the rest of the glass with sparkling water.

Step 4: Voila!

By the time you've drunk the gently fruity water, the berries have defrosted and are perfect to eat.



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    This is just that good that I'm gonna try this tomorrow!

    they are the same! (almost)

    Don't see why not!

    Oi, forgot something else! EXCELLENT PHOTO! However, i suggest cropping out some of the chairs and phones, and narrowing it down, but leave the desk underneath intact, as it provides a nice backdrop.

    So, if you leave the berries in there (say you're planning a party and these are the drinks/ punch, but you are refrigerating it for a couple hrs), would the berry flavor be intensified?

    Havent tried it, looks tasty...

    How this would not be improved with a splash of gin, I do not know. Excellent tip.

    1 reply

    Def looks good for an alcoholic drink. Will have to pick up a handle of beefeater from the store next time!

    i saw this earlier today, and have been craving it all day. despite the fact that i dislike sparkling water. just made one and i'm enjoying the novelty of the floating berries! thanks for sharing :)

    2 replies

    this works very well with sprite, too.

    So glad you liked it! I was skeptical myself at first, and now I'm addicted:-)

    nice choice of frozen fruit. i work at tj's. =)

    Woah thats weird. I just did something like this the other day. I was looking for an alternative to soda so I mixed sparkling water and grape juice. It was pretty good, I will have to try this.

    good idea ill try it just my taste